Pricing Helps Herpes Sufferers Find Their Second Chance

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Online dating platform Meet Positives is inviting people with STDs to join their platform and seize their second chance at pursuing fulfilling relationships. Recently, the site published a Newswire article that aims to further inform the current and potential users of Meet Positives. The platform also provides other useful information related to ‘positive’ dating.

This anonymous platform helps Herpes positive people connect and share stories. The site also provides access to discussion forums and reviews up-to-date information and treatment options. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one in six people in the United States between 14 and 49 years of age have herpes. This diagnosis can leave someone feeling alone, embarrassed and confused about the next step in their lives. The Meet Positives platform aims to eliminate those concerns by allowing people to connect, share their stories and concerns, and in the long run, meet a special person to date.

Meet Positives

The article published on Newswire elaborates on some of the many features of this platform. Members of the site can access online discussion forums and individual posts where they may read other positives’ stories and how they cope with their diagnosis. The site also features the latest information regarding medical developments, such as a possible vaccination and treatment options. Additionally, members can review herpes drugs, side effects and personal success in addition to reading others’ reviews.

To quote the article, “ is a welcome alternative to traditional dating. Because of this platform, individuals living with herpes no longer have to engage in difficult conversations with dating partners. makes it possible for people to take control over their condition, eliminate the emotional burden imposed by the virus, meet someone special, and pursue the life they envision.”

CEO of Meet Positives Jack Lombardi says that the site is designed for those who have tested positive for Herpes. By using a website that is dedicated to those with this condition, the company states that singles can feel more positive about the dating scene. They need not worry that someone will find out that they are positive or have to wonder when they should tell the person that they are dating that they have tested positive. He adds that, "Our community is warm and inviting. You will feel right at home, you will feel confident and you will finally feel comfortable talking with other singles. This is a wonderful chance for you to finally be yourself. Our trusted dating site is safe and secure, so you never have to worry about your information being used anywhere else."

Lombardi also reiterates the fact that, while those who have tested positive have done nothing wrong, many often feel ashamed or ostracized. The Meet Positives platform was created to help such people accept their diagnosis and move on with their lives — within a judgement free community. Find out more by visiting the Meetpositives Youtube channel.

The platform provides a much-needed digital forum for people to connect with each other. To quote a blog post on the site, "Technology has brought a lot of changes, and one significant change is the advent of the internet and all that comes with it.” The modern world is now a global village thanks to the communication that takes place over the internet. There are many useful elements that aid communication and finding information online, and one such element is online dating. Online dating sites are not a new concept, and in recent times, there many different websites have come forward that are aimed at specific groups of people. Meet Positives is keeping up with the needs of this time with the features available on their site, aimed at helping individuals with a positive diagnosis by introducing a safe platform for online dating.

The website takes special interest in providing safety and security to their users. All personal information remains private until that particular person takes the initiative to share it with another member. Anyone with a positive diagnosis for Herpes is permitted to join the site and meet other individuals who share their issues. The goal of the platform is to help impacted people experience normalcy again.

To find out more about Meet Positives, visit their website or Youtube channel. For further inquiries, one may also call or email the company’s representatives.

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