Pricing Offers Martial Arts Equipment For Training At Home

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Denver, Colorado -

Online platform is pleased to announce that they are selling high-quality martial arts training equipment - for training at home.

A representative of LLC states, “Over the spring and summer, we have seen COVID-19 concerns drive demand for home training equipment. As martial artists have encountered gym and club closures, they have been continuing training from home.”

Wing Chun Dummy

The company representative states that of all their products — three of them, in particular — have been selling exceptionally well during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand surged because of those who are looking to improve their training at home and consequently are planning on taking it to the next level. One of these products is the Tokaido makiwara pads. For those unfamiliar, the makiwara is a padded striking post used by karate practitioners to train and develop their striking ability. Similar to how boxers use a heavy bag to punch, the makiwara gives resistance to the martial artist’s punches, kicks and other strikes, with poor punches bouncing off if the body is not in a proper position. Because of this, it is said that the makiwara is good at developing a martial artist’s strength and accuracy, and it is great for bare-knuckle traditional training. LLC states that their Tokaido makiwara pads are the finest Japanese-made Tokaido Makiwara Pads. Made from Tokaido, Japan, these pads are available in Large (6" x 12") and they weigh 1.00 LBS. In a 5-Star review on their Tokaido makiwara pads, Sensei Ron Byrd says, “I love my Tokaido Makiwara. I take it with me wherever I travel. Excellent for conditioning.”

Their next best selling product is the leg stretcher, which is perfect for those looking to be more flexible in no time. Leg stretchers are perfect for practitioners who want to improve their leg flexibility. This machine is designed to allow muscles to stretch and relax, allowing users to achieve the flexibility they desire. LLC’s portable leg stretcher is made of metal, featuring a, “variable central traction bar and two leg extensions with soft foam rubber grips”.

Last but not the least, LLC’s best seller is a solid wood dummy which is made from North African Spotted Hardwood. This wood is specifically selected for its density and straightness. The solid hardwood dummy is specially handcrafted by authentic artisans in China and is in full accordance with the long-established design specifications as used by generations of Wing Chun masters. It even comes complete with a wall-mounting stand that is 70 inches in height, 61 inches in width and 42 inches in diameter. Often referred to as the Wing Chun dummy, it is designed with an arm and leg configuration that is meant to be hanged on a secure wall using its two wooden slats. This traditional training tool stands the test of time as a great way to cultivate one’s practical fighting skills.

Moreover, the company takes pride in providing customers with quality martial arts gear and equipment. In fact, their dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in a number of glowing reviews left by the people who have tried their products.

In a 5-Star review for the Wing Chun dummy, a satisfied customer says, “I've been learning the dummy form on my own (Youtube, etc), and getting this has really helped. I tell my new wife it's a functional interior design element, but she doesn't buy it. So it's down in my man cave, but adds a certain elegance. I still need to get a pad for the dummy so I can strike harder. But seems durable. Needs to be punched more than polished anyway. Good Wing Chun dummy, great price.” LLC provides high-quality products for martial artists and practitioners looking to hone and perfect their craft. With the right equipment, LLC shows that people can learn and do better even when they are stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who are interested in learning more about LLC may find more information on their website, and customers may connect with the company via their preferred social media platform to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements.

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About LLC : sells martial arts equipment online, specializing in Tokaido Karate Gi / Uniforms, and Wing Chun Dummies.

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