Pricing Adds Judo Gi Patches to Ecommerce Store

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Denver, Colorado - LLC has announced the recent addition of Judo gi patches to their ecommerce store. These patches are an important addition to the Judo gi or Judo uniform because they are often employed to show focus of training, affiliation with a particular Judo association, achievement or level of competency, and lineage of a Judo instructor. The gi in Judo is often used for chokes and locks and was only a recent addition to the Japanese martial art that had originated from jujitsu and the samurai.

Judo gis are mainly fabricated from cotton and are provided with different levels of reinforcement and reinforced stitching. They are also available in a variety of colors. Judo practitioners can choose between single weave and double weave alternatives. Meanwhile, Judo instructors will usually have a particular placement of certain patches that have to be followed on the Judo gi. Patches need to be secured through double stitching because they can be ripped off inadvertently or advertently during Judo randori training.

Judo uniforms truly need to be of high quality or else they can easily be ripped as they are subjected to various stresses and strains during Judo training. It is also important to keep the uniform clean and in tip top shape. It is recommended that the Judo uniform be washed in cold water and then left to dry. The use of bleach is not recommended because bleach can weaken the fibers, resulting in a lot of wear and tear. For the same reason, fabric softener is also not recommended. Meanwhile, it is to be expected that a new Judo uniform will shrink but shrinking will be faster if it is washed at least twice in hot water. Thus, it is advisable to wash the uniform in cold water or to maintain a temperature not more than 30 degrees Celsius. And after washing, it is best not to use a dryer as the heat will cause the uniform to shrink.

Meanwhile, the Judo gi patch will have to be attached securely to the uniform with double stitching. If not, it may be ripped off from the uniform during Judo randori training. For the same reason, the Judo gi must ensured to be heavy duty and of high quality to withstand the forces that it is subjected when grabbed by opponents for throws. Judo gis are often provided with various levels of reinforcement, including reinforced stitching.

One example of a Judo gi patch has the word “Judo” written on it in Japanese characters. This is a common and traditional patch worn by Judo students. Another traditional Judo gi patch has the Cherry Blossom emblem. Cherry blossoms have a significant meaning in Japanese culture. For the Japanese, the cherry blossom signifies both the beauty and the fragility of life. Also available from the online store is the Judo Fight Scene patch. This is a round patch that shows two judoka who are engaged in randori.

Aside from the Judo uniforms and patches, LLC also offers different kinds of martial arts uniforms for Karate, Gunfu, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Kajukembo, Kempo, Kenpo, Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, and many other martial arts. Available products include the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi, Jiu Jitsu uniforms, Adidas gi, Karate gi pants, Karate team jackets, Karate belts, Kung Fu / Gung Fu uniforms, Ninja / Ninjutsu uniforms, Kendo / Kenjutsu uniforms, team warmup suits, Tokaido gi / Tokaido Karate uniforms, shoes, traditional style Karate uniforms, and V-neck / TKD uniforms.

They also provide different types of fight wear or athletic wear. These include the classic hoodie / hooded jacket, K.O. champ boxing gloves, team warmup suits, men’s active pants, men’s cargo pants, ladies active hooded jacket, men’s shorts, team jacket with no hood, and men’s hooded boxing suit.

People who would like to know more about the Judo gi patch cherry blossoms or any other kind of Judo gi patch may want to visit the LLC website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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