Mark Lutchman Reveals The Secrets Of Viral Content Creation In New Interview

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Digital marketing expert Stephen Twomey of MasterMindSEO recently had the opportunity to engage Mark Lutchman in a conversation that explored the latter’s journey in viral content production. As leaders in the field of digital marketing, MasterMindSEO is always keen to shed light on the strategies that enable certain people or businesses to build an online presence and reach audiences that count in the hundred of thousands, or even millions. As such, Lutchman’s extraordinary success in this regard makes him an apt source of insight on the subject.

Lutchman introduces himself as a, “Conservative political influencer on social media with over 700,000 followers between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Parler. I began my journey into the realm of social media content creation in late 2015 almost by accident. At the time, I worked full time at a car dealership as an auto salesman and in my free time decided to make a video about politics. My first two videos ended up getting millions of views and thousands of shares on Facebook, even though I didn’t intentionally mean to go viral.”

He adds, “Ever since then, I have strived to perfect my craft as a social media content creator and consistently made an effort not only to build my brand but to understand and master the science behind it without any professional training or education.”

In only four short years, Lutchman says that he found himself self-employed exclusively on social media, one of the advantages of which was that he could now work from virtually anywhere he pleased. This also meant that much of his work could be accomplished from the comfort of his home. However, as time went on, Lutchman came to believe that more content creators should be able to learn from the mistakes and triumphs he experienced on this journey. In essence, he wanted to boil down the steps an influencer could take to engineer their own viral content, sharing the lessons he had learned regarding content creation, brand building and more.

Lutchman explains, “I believe that there are three main components to a piece of content that are essential for virality. Content that is informative, engageable and shareable is much more likely to receive a viral reaction from social media than a regular post without much thought into it.”

One of the ways to improve the chances of having a piece of content go viral is to ensure that it is informative in some way. A post that draws a reaction on an emotional level from its audience, is more likely to be engaged with, for instance. Given that engagement leads to actions such as the content being shared on other accounts (and even across other social media platforms), this in turn fuels its ability to go viral. Lutchman says that this is due to the fact that emotional responses tend to make the audience want to respond in some way, usually by opening or contributing to a conversation on the subject in question.

This is true even if they strongly disagree with the content, and content that leads to heavy discussions (or even arguments) tends to see a great deal of engagement since audiences feel compelled to share their thoughts when they perceive that something is wrong (and they feel their input can be a positive influence). “A post that is shareable plays off the emotional reaction and the informative substance of the post,” says Lutchman. “If a viewer feels like a post is informative and engageable, it will inherently be shareable.”

He continues, “Virality is like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. The steeper the hill, the faster the snowball will grow, and the denser it becomes the faster it will roll down the hill. The same is true for viral content. If a post can get fast reactions and quick shares, they will compound and eventually become an unstoppable force making its way to millions of viewers around the internet.”

The full Mark Lutchman interview can be found on MasterMindSEO’s official website and other online resources. It delves into the key components that form a successful brand, how a community can be built around such content and so on. Further inquiries regarding his position as a conservative political influencer may be directed to Mark Lutchman as well. Social media users who would like to stay up to date with Lutchman’s latest content are welcome to follow his platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Parler.

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