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Meet Positives Delivers A Dating Site For People With Herpes

July 20, 2020
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Meet Positives, an online herpes dating website, is reaching out to the community to share how their platform can facilitate relationships by helping people meet others in similar situations.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Meet Positives, says, "Over 40 million people live with this draining, yet common, condition. It affects different parts of their daily lives, including how they go about meeting new people. This disease can, unfortunately, lead some people to feel as if they are alone in this situation. The purpose of our site is to prove them wrong and to show that there are many others like them, and even though there’s no cure for herpes, they can still live a happy and healthy life."

Meet Positives

He explains that, in addition to being a dating platform, the Meet Positives website is a place for like-minded individuals to find comfort and support each other. The vast majority of the site's users consist of either herpes positive persons or people that had a close relationship with a positive person in the past. This creates a community of people who know the struggles each of their peers face, making the Meet Positives dating site a place where everyone can share their anecdotes, seek advice and receive help from those who understand what their lives may be like—and therefore will not be quick to judge.

"Members of our site share their stories and information on how to live a better life with this disease," states Lombardi. "You can share as much or as little as you want without having to worry about being treated differently. This can be a cathartic experience, as it can sometimes mean the world to us to be able to open up about our true feelings, safe in the knowledge that we are being heard by people who share our struggles and have gone through the same challenges."

Aside from being a site where people can share their experiences, the Meet Positives platform hosts a vast amount of information about the HSV community. There, members can learn about their condition and how to deal with it as they go about their lives. The site also receives constant updates containing the latest information about a possible cure for herpes as well as vaccination and treatment options. Similarly, it keeps members informed on herpes drug reviews, side effects and even success stories shared by others in the community.

Some of the useful resources available on the site include a complete list of herpes symptoms, how to use at-home STD tests and online tips for visitors to stay safe as they navigate and interact with the site. Their forums are constantly active since there are thousands of HSV-positive people registered and logged in at any given time. This allows users to receive responses to their concerns on a real-time basis.

For those looking for a romantic connection, the Meet Positives site facilitates meeting new people. Lombardi says, "Dating with herpes can be difficult, and at times, frightening. Most HSV-positive individuals struggle to make romantic connections with new people, dreading the day where they have to reveal their condition to their partner. Meeting others who live under the same conditions can offer you a great deal more peace of mind, as you will never need to have 'the talk' again. It is important to not let this condition stop you from meeting someone special, as it’s not your fault that you are positive. You are still in control of your happiness."

Members of the Meet Positives website enjoy complete anonymity as they browse the platform. The company states that it is up to each person to decide how much they want to share and be involved within the community, though everyone is encouraged to participate in discussions that can help either themselves or others move on with their lives.

The Meet Positives website hosts more information on the company and explains how new members may join the communities within. Those interested in signing up are welcome to contact the company through phone or email if they have any further inquiries. Additional information can also be found in the Meet Positives pressroom.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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