Lithia Springs Car Accident Chiropractor Busts Common Car Accident Injury Myths

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Lithia Springs, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic, a Lithia Springs, GA based clinic, recently published a blog titled ‘Lithia Springs Chiropractor Busts 3 Common Car Accident Injury Myths.’ There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding pain and injury after a car accident, and people are often not very well informed when it comes to injuries and accidents, even if they drive a lot. The blog seeks to debunk some of the myths that people believe about accidents and make it clear how important it is to see a chiropractor after a collision on the road. Learn more here: Chiropractor After Car Accident.

“Most myths revolve around the idea of people faking injuries after accidents,” the blog says. “The reality is that no matter the severity of the accident or how people feel immediately after the accident, they should seek chiropractic care immediately. Not all injuries present symptoms immediately, and if you wait too long to get medical attention, your injuries can worsen. You could also lose insurance coverage.”

Many believe that an injury has to be gruesome to be real but this is not always the case. While gruesome injuries are generally very serious, many people believe that if they cannot see the injury, the victim is faking it for the insurance money. Soft tissue injuries are very common in car accidents and they are generally not visible. Insurance companies in particular do their best to avoid acknowledging invisible injuries as much as possible, often making victims who suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain feel like liars. In order to avoid paying, insurance companies may make it seem like suffering from common car accident injuries is abnormal. It is very common for one to experience pain after a collision, and it is not suspicious or uncommon to want to see a chiropractor after a car accident.

“If the car isn't totaled, you weren't hurt,” is another myth addressed in the blog post. “Most people judge car accidents based on the severity of the damage to the cars. They think that car crash injuries are in direct proportion to the amount of damage sustained by the wrecked vehicle. Many people think fender benders don't hurt or cause any injury. If your accident barely left a scratch on your bumper, but still claim your neck hurts, be prepared for people to call you a fraud that's just looking for an insurance payout. The truth is that no matter how small a car accident is, an injury is always possible. The most common injuries sustained in smaller vehicle collisions are soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries can cause a long list of problems if they aren't treated right away, including on-going arthritic issues. When the car does not absorb the majority of an impact, the people inside usually do. This often results in whiplash and bodies being tossed around. Whiplash and similar injuries are actually far more common in car accidents with little to no damage to the vehicle.”

After an accident, those involved tend not to feel pain until much later. This is due to adrenaline and does not mean that they were not injured. The injuries may even be extreme but not show any symptoms for days, weeks or even months. Swelling and inflammation is the reason some injuries take a while to produce symptoms, and this usually takes place over a long period of time, so one may not immediately notice anything wrong. People also tend to avoid strenuous activities after a car accident, which makes it even more likely that they will not notice any injuries until they return to their normal daily activities—at which point they begin to notice their injuries and pain.

Arrowhead Clinic offers treatment for injuries resulting from auto accidents. If one experiences pain after a car accident, it is important to see an accident doctor as soon as possible, and Arrowhead’s doctors have the tools and knowledge needed to thoroughly examine patients and ensure they are not injured.

A number of patients have visited Arrowhead, widely considered the best car accident chiropractor in Lithia Springs. “This is by far the best and most comfortable place I’ve been in a long time,” says a patient called Nate. “The entire staff is super friendly and they stay packed with zealous amounts of energy. I may come in a bad mood some days but I always leave out with a smile, not to mention the professionalism attached to those golden traits they have. I would personally recommend anybody to come here and recover. I can ensure they will be satisfied every time. If I could rate out my own numbers, 11/10 excellent service, I cannot stress that enough. Arrowhead has my vote.”

Find out more about Arrowhead Clinic on their website. Patients may reach out to the clinic’s representatives to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.

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