Lithia Springs Chiropractor Shares Insight On Personal Injuries And Their Treatments

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Lithia Springs, Georgia -

Lithia Springs, GA based Arrowhead Clinic is taking measures to increase awareness among their community of injuries that can be caused by accidents. As chiropractors are known for being able to treat personal injuries, the clinic hopes that this information will give those suffering from chronic pain and more the impetus they need to seek help from an expert in the field.

“When you visit us,” states Arrowhead Clinic, “your Lithia Springs chiropractor will endeavor to address your pain without resorting to pain medication and other conventional forms of treatment that are known to cause addiction in patients. We want nothing more than to safeguard your well being and return your body to full working condition, free of pain and free of stress. We do not believe we are doing our jobs correctly if we simply treat the symptom of the issue, your pain, with pain medication that you then become dependent on. Instead, you will find that we try to locate the root of the problem and resolve it to your satisfaction.”

Personal Injury Accidents Your Lithia Springs Chiropractor Can Treat

The clinic adds that their patients also have the benefit of not having to undergo any invasive surgeries, which makes Arrowhead Clinic’s chiropractors an attractive option for those who wish to avoid placing any unnecessary strain on their bodies that requires extensive healing periods and so on. On the other hand, the clinic recognizes that certain patients may not be able to afford such options or even simply prefer not to endure surgery at all. In any case, Arrowhead Clinic seeks to offer an alternative that effectively eliminates pain and restores their patients to the quality of life they enjoyed prior to their accident.

Their patients often seek out a chiropractor following one of three types of personal injuries: motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and workplace accidents. These three types of accidents represent the most common causes of injuries treated at Arrowhead Clinic, and this effectively means that their chiropractors have a wealth of experience in remedying the health problems they lead to.

Motor vehicle accidents, for instance, can cause injuries to the neck, back, head and soft tissues of the body. Patients often report feeling the effects of whiplash following even low-speed accidents. This is a rather concerning issue given that accident victims tend not to notice the effects of whiplash for hours or even days after a crash. In any case, Arrowhead Clinic urges accident victims to reach out to their team in order to begin their evaluation. Following evaluation they can be treated for any pain or discomfort they experience. Patients should also be aware that the clinic endeavors to carry out a full examination prior to offering any treatment, this allows them to take any relevant medical history into account and decide the best course of action going forward.

“A unique plan will be created based on the results of your physical exam,” says Arrowhead Clinic. “Since your health is at stake, we take this stage of the process quite seriously. With a little patience, however, we can get to the bottom of your specific condition and come up with a suitable treatment plan that works best for your individual needs.” The same is true for other types of injuries as well, and the clinic encourages those interested to reach out to their team for more information.

Patients who have visited the clinic in the past tend to report a highly positive experience. A recent 5-Star Google review from Nate Butler asserts that, “This is by far the best and most comfortable place I’ve been in a long time. The entire staff is super friendly and they stay packed with zealous amounts of energy. I may come in a bad mood some days but I always leave with a smile, not to mention the professionalism attached to those golden traits they have. I would personally recommend anybody to come here to recover. I can assure them that they will be satisfied every time.”

Similarly, Jamari Warren’s 5-Star review says, “I have been coming here for two weeks now, and it’s been amazing. Mrs. Hayes at the front desk is always helpful and so is Ms.Carrie. Everyone is welcoming and makes sure that you are getting the proper care you deserve. I recommend this place to anyone.”

More information is available on the clinic’s website. Patients in Lithia Springs are also welcome to get in touch with Dr. Calvin Erhabor of Arrowhead Clinic in order to make further inquiries or set up their next appointment.

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Arrowhead Clinic has been around for over 40 years providing Lithia Springs residents with the highest quality accident injury Chiropractic Care. Arrowhead Chiropractic care is safe and natural so your body is restored back to its optimal health.

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