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James Martial Arts Academy Holds Online Classes For Martial Arts

June 22, 2020
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The El Cajon, CA based James Martial Arts Academy is reaching out to share that the academy is able to offer online classes for those who want to advance their training in the martial arts.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the need to maintain safe social distancing as much as possible, the academy understands that many members of their community will want to take any opportunity to get some exercise without placing themselves at risk of exposure to the virus. Some may prefer to jog or do ‘at-home’ workouts as suggested by various social media entities and exercise apps. However, the James Martial Arts Academy recognizes that many will also want to further their training in the martial arts due to the numerous psychological advantages such a path offers. Notably, the academy’s online classes are open to both experienced martial arts practitioners as well as beginners, and they host classes for both children as well as adults.

“As many of our students have come to learn, improving your ability in a martial art is only tangentially related to exercise,” says the James Martial Arts Academy. “Instead, many martial arts actually teach you to discipline yourself and push through the various obstacles you will face in your life. A number of martial arts will no doubt help you defend yourself in a physical conflict but such circumstances are fortunately quite rare. As a result, your martial arts training will truly begin to shine when applied to other aspects of your life.” Learn more about their classes for adults at the following link:

They continue, “Right now, the country is going through an unprecedented series of events that are sure to place a great deal of strain on people from all walks of life—and some far more than others. How you approach this situation will depend on your emotional and psychological fortitude, both of which are factors that can be improved through martial arts.”

On the other hand, the degree to which martial arts can improve a practitioner’s physical capabilities should not be understated either. As the James Martial Arts Academy observes, engaging in martial arts drills and other forms of practice can lead to an individual gaining more strength and power, conditioning their body to become more flexible and even boosting their cardiovascular health.

The success that the James Martial Arts Academy has enjoyed with their students is evident in the glowing reviews they receive online. They boast high ratings on both Facebook and Yelp, for instance, and many of these reviews provide a wealth of insight into the way the academy is run and what they stand for. Thomas W. gave the martial arts academy a full 5-Star rating in their detailed Yelp review, which states that, “With so many disciplines in Martial Arts schools, it can be confusing for many people to pick an instructor or school to train. In the current climate of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), many people may gravitate towards Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Grappling training for understandable reasons.”

The review goes on to observe that, “Choosing an Instructor or school is often about personal preference. As someone who has witnessed the aftermath of crime and violence for 20+ years, I feel it is important to consider three things: 1) A highly competent/qualified Instructor/Coach; 2) A reputable and sound training curriculum that addresses all ranges of combat and self defense to include striking, grappling, weapons and multiple attackers; and 3) Physical conditioning during the class that conditions and strengthen the mind and body. James Martial Arts Academy provides all three of these qualities and then some!”

Justin S. sums up what the academy’s students value about their time with its instructors by saying, “There are simply not enough good things I can say about this school or Sifu Darryl James. He loves these kids as he loves his art, and he is equally devoted to both. His curriculum is sound, and my son's discipline has been enhanced exponentially. This is not a dojo. This is a family, and we are proud to be part of it.”

Those interested in pursuing martial arts training for these benefits and more are welcome to reach out to Darryl James of the James Martial Arts Academy for further details. More information is also available on the academy’s website, and applications may be submitted for their online classes through this platform as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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