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Martial Arts Academy Discuss Benefits Of Adult Martial Arts

October 17, 2019
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El Cajon, California based martial arts school James Martial Arts Academy is reaching out to the wider community to discuss the many benefits martial arts can provide adults. The school teaches martial arts to the residents of the El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, Chula Vista, and San Diego communities.

Darryl James, Chief Instructor and representative for James Martial Arts Academy, says, “While there are a lot of adults who practice martial arts, there is a general misconception that, most of the time, practice must be started at a young age or that it is just an extracurricular activity for kids. This is not true at all. There are a lot of benefits to practicing, or starting to practice, martial arts as an adult.”

As James explains, martial arts can benefit adults in a number of ways. Aside from the obvious fact that martial arts are an incredible form of self-defense and an excellent way to maintain one’s fitness and form, being an adult martial arts practitioner can boost the practitioner’s self-confidence. James says, “When you’re learning martial arts, discipline becomes an innate part of you. As you set goals for yourself, achieve them and set your targets even higher, you will feel a positive feedback loop that feeds into your daily life and makes you a better person. Along the way, you will find that your belief in yourself will grow.”

Martial arts is also a way for the practitioner to give themselves a full-body workout in a way that even a rigid gym schedule cannot match. James explains, “When you engage in martial arts, you’re taking part in a complete, full body aerobic training. You are utilizing a lot of physical energy and, in doing so, you’re increasing your strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. All of this exercise is also incredibly good for your heart, given that you’re simultaneously undergoing an intense cardiovascular workout. Of course, I don’t need to add that all of this will help you reduce body weight, build faster reflexes and improve your overall physical strength.”

Practitioners of martial arts attest that the process does wonders to relieve stress. James explains that martial artists are often trained to utilize all their focus on the present task, allowing distractions to disappear into the background. This helps reduce stress accumulated throughout the day. The sheer physical effort involved with martial arts is said to be able to dissolve the stress that people carry in their muscles. The reduction of stress is further accompanied by a better mood, because endorphins released during the martial arts session can boost a person’s mood.

In addition to everything else, martial arts are also said to improve practitioners' concentration along with their coordination and flexibility. James says, “Certain disciplines, say Karate for instance, revolve around the memorization of a series of specific moves. When you practice such repetitive disciplines, your ability to concentrate increases. As for coordination and flexibility, many martial arts moves pretty much make increased coordination a must-have. When you dedicate yourself to an art, you’ll find that your flexibility and coordination improves all on its own.”

James Martial Arts Academy has earned a positive reputation in the community as a place to come together and learn. On Google, the school has a near perfect rating of 4.9 Stars. Lanny, a Google Local Guide, says in his 5-Star review, “Sifu Darryl is the ideal martial arts instructor. His demeanor is friendly, approachable, respectable and fun; while at the same time firm and accountable. Sifu's ability to teach young kids to have fun while simultaneously challenging them to follow instructions and learn is simply outstanding. As an adult student, Sifu's style incorporates many forms of martial arts which helps me incorporate my previous training. If you're considering a martial arts studio in this area, then be sure to stop by and try his class for yourself. I'm confident you'll enjoy your experience.”

Those who want to learn more about James Martial Arts Academy or the services they provide may visit the school’s website for more information. Interested parties are also invited to contact Darryl James for further details. In addition to their website, James Martial Arts Academy also has a page on Facebook where they frequently post pictures, share updates, and interact with their customers. More information about the school can also be found at the following link: Martial Arts San Diego.

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