Recent Customer Now Enjoying Being Outdoors at Home Again Thanks to Backyard Bug Patrol’s Services

June 02, 2020
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A recent customer of Backyard Bug Patrol admitted that it has been a long time since he enjoyed being outside around his home but thanks to the company’s mosquito control efforts all that has changed. That is why he decided to leave a 5-start review on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing that lauded this Great Falls, Virginia based pest control company’s mosquito treatments.

In the above-mentioned review, Glen Schneider wrote, “We have a very large mosquito population that makes it very difficult for me to enjoy outdoor activities. I seem to be especially sensitive, as I normally cannot make it from the front door to the mailbox without being bit. This service has been absolutely GREAT for controlling the mosquitos, allowing me to take advantage of the outdoors like I could not before. They come regularly and on schedule, with good communication when the weather is prohibitive. I highly recommend it.” This review can be seen here at It’s one of 70 reviews that have been written about the company on their Google Maps Business Listing. The average score for Backyard Bug Patrol on these reviews is an outstanding 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars. Greg Cox also left a 5-star review on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing that says, “Backyard Bugs is the best. My next-door neighbor and I started using their services 4 years ago and have been able to enjoy our yards without mosquitos since. Do not hesitate this is a great value.”

According to the company owner, John Mitchell, they get many glowing reviews on their mosquito control services. He says this is because their mosquito control techniques really do work. The company owner added, “The days of having to have many cans of mosquito repellent on hand and a plethora of citronella candles and torches strategically placed around your yard are over. We offer low toxicity, whole yard mosquito control treatments that have been proven over time to be very effective. It’s the absolute safest and most convenient way to enjoy your yard in the mosquito high season which lasts from April through the end of October.”

Mitchell added that mosquitoes are not only bothersome because of the fact that their bites itch. These bites can also bring some big health complications along with them. He says there are big concerns these days with such mosquito-borne illnesses as West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The owner says that mosquito bites are also a major cause of Heart Worm in dogs. Mitchell went on to mention that according to the CDC, an eye-opening 10% of the deaths that are believed to be West Nile Virus related took place in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas.

The way that Backyard Bug Patrol goes about doing their mosquito control services is described in detail here at The company owner says that they offer their customers the choice between two different mosquito control methods. One is called Flower Power which is made up of a synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and this whole yard treatment is done once every three weeks. The second is called Simply Organic and as the name implies this is a 100% organic mosquito formula that has to be applied once every two weeks for maximum impact. He went on to say that both treatments are applied using backpack sprayers. This allows them to thoroughly coat the vegetation in a customer’s yard with their low toxicity solutions. Mitchell says that baking soda and table salt are more toxic than the ‘Simply Organic’ mosquito spray that they use. He also pointed out that these treatments are effective because they do a good job of completely coating the vegetation in a yard with a liquid that has residual killing power. When mosquitoes do not have a blood source in the area they will then rest and feed on vegetation in a yard. This will kill them off when they ingest the solution that’s been sprayed on the vegetation. Mitchell said that just a single application can eliminate 80% – 90% of the mosquitoes hanging around a yard.

Those who would like more information on this reputable mosquito control expert’s services can go to their website or follow this link at to their Facebook page. They offer their time-tested mosquito and tick control services in Calvert, Dunkirk, Montgomery, Howard Anne Arundel, and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland and Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford, and Paige Counties in Virginia.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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