Steadfast Tree Care Posts Article on Tree Trimming In Beaverdam Virginia

May 13, 2020
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Steadfast Tree Care, a tree service company based in Virginia, has announced that they have recently published a blog post on how to make sure that tree trimming is done properly. The article is titled, “The ABCs of Tree Trimming in Beaverdam,” and presents various factors that have to be taken into account to make sure that trees are trimmed or pruned properly in Beaverdam in Hanover County, Virginia. Those who would like to check out the blog post can do so at

Phillip Wood, a representative for Steadfast Tree Care, says, “Trees contribute significantly to the aesthetic value of many homes in Beaverdam. This is because they form a big part of the visible landscape. Tree trimming helps to keep your landscape in the best possible condition. In addition, it helps keep your home and yard safe from the possible hazards posed by dead branches or tree branches near power lines, for instance.”

He continues, “And you need to be clear about your reasons for trimming your trees. That’s because it will in most cases dictate the best time to do it. In addition to having your trees trimmed at the best possible time depending on the goal, you also need the trimming done skillfully. Improper tree trimming could harm the tree as well as the person attempting to prune it. A lot of trees die when their branches are cut off haphazardly.”

tree trimming service in beaverdam virginia by steadfast tree care

According to the article, the worst possible time for trimming most trees is in the fall. The wound from the cut tend to heal the slowest during fall and the fungi resulting from decay are also most active. Meanwhile, too much trimming can have a long-term impact on the tree and may even result in the death of the tree. This is because trees require their canopy to produce their food. Inappropriate trimming and in the wrong places can result into decay and pests. Also, too much trimming can weaken the branches such that they may no longer be capable of withstanding natural forces such as the wind or ice loads.

Meanwhile, Steadfast Tree Care has developed a reputation of being a reliable tree trimming company in Hanover County. Thus, homeowners and other property owners would be able to rely on them to provide effective, safe, and skillful tree trimming services, ensuring the long-term health of the trees.

Aside from tree trimming, Steadfast Tree Care also provides tree removal services. While there are many benefits to having trees on the yard, there may come a time when certain trees have to be removed. For instance, a tree may be dying or it’s already dead and having it on the yard poses a risk to people and the property. There is the risk that it may fall down unexpectedly or a branch may suddenly break. Or a tree may be harboring a disease and it poses a threat to other trees and plants that may also get infected.

Meanwhile, there are a number of reasons why homeowners would want to get the services of a dependable tree removal company like Steadfast Tree Care. First of all, a certified tree service provider can give the assurance that they will safely remove the tree. The risks are just too great to have the tree removal task handled by a company that doesn’t have the right experience, knowledge, equipment, and tools for proper tree removal. There is the risk of damage to the property and even to the health of family members and other people.

Another good reason to go for a certified tree service provider is that they have the capability to evaluate the risk level of a particular situation. Third, they can be depended upon to come after a storm or natural disaster. And finally, they will do the whole job, including cleaning up and getting rid of the debris.

Homeowners and other property owners interested in tree trimming and tree removal services can visit the Steadfast Tree Care website and those who would like to know more about the company can follow their Facebook page at They may also contact the company on the telephone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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