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UK based Apex Pest Control is pleased to report that commercial property owners, business owners and health care facilities may still engage the company for their specialised deep cleaning and disinfection service. This service was expressly designed to sterilise rooms in order to reduce the possibility of disease transmission as much as possible. As such, the company stands willing and ready to respond to all requests for help.

While the country is doing its best to employ social distancing protocols and work within guidelines issued by healthcare workers, certain businesses and organizations have remained in operation at one level or another in order to maintain essential services. However, social distancing guidelines alone are likely not enough to keep the virus from spreading between people as it is now known to survive for certain lengths of time on various surfaces, including plastic and metal. Given that such surfaces, such as the top of a table, are quite likely to be touched by any people in the vicinity, Apex Pest Control’s disinfection service can be an invaluable tool that severely cuts down on the possibility of the infection spreading within a building.

The surfaces that people ‘share’ may be more common than they realise. Apex Pest Control highlights on their website that, “Things like door handles, credit card readers in stores, shelving, bathroom spaces and other such areas can be contamination vectors for the COVID-19 coronavirus. This virus, and many other bacteria and viruses, will live on surfaces for 2-3 days and could infect many different people in that time.”

Most are already aware of the personal actions they can take to protect themselves and their peers, such as wearing masks, washing their hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and water (or heavy-alcohol based sanitizers if unavailable) and staying at home whenever possible. However, the best way to curtail virus transmission between those who have no choice but to interact with each other is to sanitise essential businesses and health care facilities with a sterile cleaning. Similarly, the company recommends that a deep cleaning be carried out in spaces that are still open to the public, as these spaces will now be seeing the heaviest pedestrian traffic in the country.

The crucial difference between COVID-19 and many other pathogens is that it primarily spreads through tiny liquid droplets that are expelled when they sneeze, cough and so on. The issue is that these droplets are often invisible to the naked eye, and it is difficult for the average person to gauge the true extent of a sneeze or cough’s reach (around 2 meters, or six feet). Such droplets are also easily transferred to their hands, from where they can be deposited virtually anywhere in the immediate environment. Wearing a mask may actually reduce transmission by limiting how far a sneeze or cough can travel. Some also believe that it can function as a barrier that helps prevent a person from touching their face (and transferring any trace of the virus from their hands to their nose, mouth or eyes, which are vulnerable).

Apex Pest Control asserts that, “We offer a full range of deep cleaning services to help control the coronavirus infection. If your business, healthcare facility, school or other property has had a COVID-19 coronavirus incident, the deep clean team at Apex Pest Control is here to help.” They add, “We will wear protective gear, disinfect and sanitise surfaces that can retain COVID-19, and take steps to prevent further damage and destruction due to the coronaviruses disease. You can rest assured that your property will be properly deep cleaned and sanitised to protect you and anyone who enters it in the future.”

Notably, a single service may not be enough to provide lasting protection. If a building is shut down immediately following a sanitization procedure, it may remain free of infection until people enter the premises again. However, any area that regularly sees human traffic is liable to get infected, and this risk increases over time. The company recommends that all those concerned reach out to them in order to discuss a reasonable schedule they can set up for ongoing deep cleaning services.

More information can be found on Apex Pest Control’s website. Interested parties are also welcome to reach out to Tony Johnson of Apex Pest Control to follow up on any further inquiries.

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