Spring Update Released For Private Golf Clubs In Scottsdale

March 24, 2020
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The Country Club at DC Ranch, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has published a Spring Update that includes news and tips for those who enjoy the sport and play at the club’s private golf courses. The Country Club recently opened their new nine-hole private golf course to cater for those who prefer shorter golf courses that give them the time to play more frequently, fitting a round in their schedules through the week. The Spring Update also includes the second article in a series that shares advice from one of the club’s PGA-certified Professionals, who has helped many golfers improve their game over the years.

Speaking on behalf of the club, Director of Sales and Marketing Melanie Halpert states, “We are always looking for the best ways to help our members enjoy their game, and we have had great feedback about our updates as they help our members find out more regarding what is available to them through their membership. It also gives them access to tips that they won’t find anywhere else. Thanks to our golf pros, we can guarantee any golfer who puts their advice into practice will improve their game. With our new nine-hole course, they can enjoy our beautiful location and facilities throughout the week, staying for dinner afterwards to enjoy the perfect sunset.”

The Country Club at DC Ranch is one of the premier private golf clubs in Scottsdale, located at the base of the McDowell Mountains with views framing each of the 18 holes on the course. It is designed to provide challenges for all levels of golfers to improve their game. Their coaching staff have helped thousands of their members improve at their private golf course, providing lessons for groups as well as on an individual basis. These lessons are also timed to fit in with their members’ schedules, from 30 or 60 minutes to taking a 9-hole playing lesson that puts all the theory and practice into their game. Notably, their golf pros receive a great deal of satisfaction from talking about the games and writing about it in their Updates, which all members receive.

The club’s Spring Update tips for golfers include pointers on the value of hand and arm positioning—where they are placed in order to develop a swing, along with using the whole body to support this movement rather than trying to create it. Although the arms and hands create the majority of the speed in the swing, it is also important that they connect center face to ensure the ball lands as expected at the furthest point intended.

One of the most frequently asked questions of their golf pros is how fast they should swing their club to hit the ball. The golf pros at the private Scottsdale Golf Club recommend that golfers swing as fast as they are physically able to do so in order to ensure solid contact (and stay in balance). Many people want to ‘let it fly’ before they have developed their technique. It is recommended that members start with smaller swings, with the hip high both on the backswing and through the swing until consistent connection with the impact point is achieved.

Once this consistency is developed, the swing can be extended on both sides of the impact until it is a complete circle. As their golf pros say, “The ball and your clubs have no idea how old or young you are. They don’t know if you are short or tall. All they know is how the club and the club face are delivered through the impact area.”

Halpert concludes, “It is never too late to learn how to improve your game, and our gold pros can help anyone reduce their poor swings and get better results in their game. In addition to our two courses, we have a great practice park where those who really want to focus on improving their technique can do so with the greatest golf pros to help them do so. Our mission here is to help each of our members enjoy their game more every day. With the warm weather, just remember to book your tee times early.”

Those who would like more information on joining The Country Club at DC Ranch in order to make use of their many facilities for sports, entertainment and social programs may find full information on their official website at https://www.ccdcranch.com/. Melanie Halpert can also be reached for further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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