Pricing LLC Introduces Three Practical Types of Home Martial Arts Training Equipment

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Denver, Colorado - LLC is a leading online reseller of martial arts and other physical training equipment. They are always trying to come up with new products so they can offer their customers a wide variety of choices. Evidence of that is the fact that they are taking the time to introduce three training products that are designed to enhance martial arts skills and flexibility while working out alone at home.

A spokesperson for my karate store had this to say, “It’s a pretty crazy time that we are going through right now. We understand that. But just because people are taking extreme social distancing measures does not mean that they can’t continue to train their bodies and hone their martial arts workout skills at home. We carry a wide variety of products that will enable people to receive them without ever having to leave the safety of their home. It’s a great way to continue to train in a comfortable environment at this time. The three outstanding products that we are introducing here can become a big part of any in-home martial arts training regimen.”

According to the spokesperson, with so many people practicing social distancing martial arts enthusiasts will have trouble finding a human training partner to practice striking with. He says that striking is a major component of any martial arts technique that must be constantly practiced to do it right. The company says that’s why they offer what is known as Wing Chun Dummies or what is traditionally called a Muk Yan Jong. This is a specially designed piece of equipment that is meant to enhance a martial arts enthusiast’s striking ability. The company spokesperson says it does this by helping one improve their form, speed, and strength. He says that these training tools also help the user practice defense and attack skills using a combination of moves and other basic concepts of Wing Chun training. Their design also allows for a martial arts practitioner to learn to absorb hits to their body. LLC carries three different models of Wing Chun Dummies. All are full size and made of wood just like they have been traditionally made for many centuries. Some models also come in different wood colors.

According to the company spokesperson, they also have equipment that will help with stretching and increasing flexibility. He says this is also a very important skill for martial arts practitioners that can easily be done at home. One of the best ways to do this is by using what are known as Judo tubes. These hollowed out tubes with specially designed handles can also be used for strength training and improving striking power. This type of resistance tube training, according to the company spokesperson, is best done by practicing arm moves in front of a full-size mirror.

Those at LLC also realize the importance of leg and hip flexibility in proper martial arts training. That’s why they offer devices that can help improve the flexibility of these body areas. The company spokesman says that one of the best pieces of equipment that will help with flexibility in these areas is an apparatus that helps pushes people’s leg’s further apart than what they can do on their own. He says to think of this as doing a split as gymnasts do except in a more comfortable sitting up position with the legs sticking out in front of a person. Two straps are attached near the angles of the person who is using a leg stretcher. Pressure is then applied to push the legs apart by a handheld traction bar with a handle that protrudes from the center of the device towards the user.

The company spokesperson says that offer a wide variety of other products too. He says these products are all geared towards serving the training needs of martial arts enthusiasts that practice Karate, Judo, Tokaido, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, and more. Some of the products they carry include traditional training uniforms (Gi), canvas punching bags, and mixed martial arts gloves. He says that anyone interested in learning more about their big selection of martial arts products can get full details about them if they go to their website.

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About LLC : sells martial arts equipment online, specializing in Tokaido Karate Gi / Uniforms, and Wing Chun Dummies.

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