MyKarateStore Expects High Demand For Judo Uniforms Ahead Of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Denver, Colorado - LLC, a trusted online supplier of martial arts uniforms and equipment, is expecting a high volume of orders for Judo gi, especially now that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is fast approaching. The company is pleased to share that they have enough stock in their inventory to meet this significant increase in consumer demand during the 2020 Olympic season.

Debby McMurtry of says, "With the exposure that Judo will get at the Olympics, we expect the sport to become quite popular. We also expect a surge of demand for Judo gi, the traditional uniform for Judo." She explains that a huge volume of orders are expected to come from Judo fans who are particularly excited about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, since the sport made its debut in Japan during the 1964 Tokyo Games. In fact, the first ever Judo match in the history of the Olympics was held at The Nippon Budokan Indoor Arena in Tokyo, the same venue where the 2020 Olympic Judo tournament will be held.

As noted on MyKarateStore’s website, Judo gi is a traditional Judo uniform made from cotton drawstring pants, a tunic and a colored belt to indicate the rank of the fighters. Belt colors include light blue (6th kyu), white (5th and 4th kyu), brown (3rd, 2nd, and 1st kyu), black (1st to 5th dan), red and white (6th to 8th dan), red (9th to 11th dan) and white with gold, black or red tips (12th dan). Meanwhile, aside from white, other Judo gi colors are introduced into the system to easily differentiate one opponent from the other. This makes it easier for the judges, referees and spectators to distinguish which contestant is which. McMurtry explains that most Judoka (Judo practitioners) typically wear a white Judo gi, but blue Judo gi is also commonly used in competitions. She also says that black uniforms are quite popular, even though they are not used in official tournaments. “It is also important to note that the only way to indicate the rank of a contestant is through the belt color and not their gi color,” McMurtry adds.

While the white Judo gi is internationally recognized as the official gi color, blue gis are also widely used in domestic and international competitions. Historically, the rules state that the first contestant called during a judo match must wear the blue gi. However, the use of blue gi is getting more and more popular because spectators believe that those who wore blue usually end up winning compared to the ones who wear white. It is believed that the blue color has a tendency to create perceived advantages, but this theory has no concrete basis since all recorded victories were only coincidental.

Moreover, the Judo community is more open and accepting when it comes to using various colors of gi. While some academies prefer the white gis during practice, most academies, particularly within Europe, don’t care about the color of one’s gi. During practice, a student can also wear a black gi—but it must be noted that a black gi cannot be used for an official judo match or tournament.

“A well made and quality Judo gi is essential to practicing Judo. The gi must be heavy duty so it can withstand chokes or locks and hold up well to being grabbed by opponents,” McMurtry says. Judo gis are primarily made from cotton and have various levels of reinforcement, stitching and weaving. As noted on the company’s website, the cloth used on gis comes in a variety of weights and textures. For training purposes, judo uniforms are made out of single weave cloth. Meanwhile, the weight of the cloth is determined based on one’s ability and age. Beginners and younger students typically use a lighter judo uniform while advanced students and instructors wear heavier ones. The weight of gi varies from 7 ounces (198.44 grams) to 40.57 ounces (1,150 grams). Furthermore, higher quality judo uniforms should not weigh down the practitioner and restrict their movement, they should fit loosely and comfortably on the body.

More information on Judo and other forms of martial arts can be found on MyKarateStore’s website. The site also has a dedicated online store where customers can purchase quality uniforms and equipment. Interested parties may also connect with MyKarateStore on social media to stay abreast of their latest news and important announcements.

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