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Mason Bee House Has Received Great Reviews Since Launch

February 24, 2020
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Cestari's Mason Bee House has been receiving great reviews since its launch. It is available in four colors: forest green, pink, cornflower blue, and farmhouse grey. This mason bee house provides a natural way to improve pollination to increase garden yield. This is because mason bees can visit 1,000 plants a day, which makes them more effective than honey bees when it comes to pollinating plants. This mason bee house has not only been designed in such a way that it is bee friendly but also environmentally friendly. And it is covered by a no risk guarantee. It can last for one to two seasons and if it doesn’t perform as expected, customers can have it replaced through its no questions asked guarantee.

Susan MacDowell, a spokesperson for Cestari, says, “We’re happy to announce that our customers have been satisfied with our Mason Bee House as evidenced by the mostly five star reviews that it has received on our Amazon page. The nester has been designed with tubes of varying diameters, which attract different species. We've used both bamboo and wood in the construction of the bee house, making sure that the pine we use is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) to come from responsibly managed forests.”

Mason Bee House

One example of the great Mason Bee House reviews is the one by J. Paduchak, who gave the product a five star rating. He said, “I haven't been getting the kind of pollination I want in my garden and fruit trees. A friend of mine recommended I try one of these Mason Bee houses. I was very impressed with the build of the house itself. It's still a little cold here yet to actually get some bee tenants in it but I like what I am seeing so far. I've done some research through UNH to see their suggestions for attracting local bees and this house seems to correlate well with their recommendations. I'll come back to post more on it in the spring but my initial impression of it is excellent.”

Cestari also wants to point out that people may be able to help in bee conservation by having a Mason Bee House in their garden. This natural bamboo bee house will not just increase the garden’s productivity but it will also provide a safe and secure habitat for the female bees to lay their eggs. And aside from mason bees being more effective pollinators compared to honeybees because they tend to visit 10 to 20 times more blooms a day, they are not aggressive and do not sting. This means they do not pose a danger to children and pets.

This particular Mason Bee House has a high capacity for nesting bees and it can attract 140 species of solitary bees, such as the red mason bees, leafcutter, and blue orchard bees. It has approximately 75 tubes that are more than 4 inches long, providing plenty of depth for the bees to lay their eggs. The female bees will choose a tube to lay their eggs during the first season and these eggs will then hatch the following spring. However, it is recommended that the bee house be placed in a location where it is not buffeted about by the wind and has some cover from direct rain.

Those who are interested in getting what is considered to be the best Mason Bee House, as indicated by the highly positive reviews, can check out the Cestari Amazon page, their website, or contact them by phone or email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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