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Cestari Kitchen Releases New High-Quality Serrated Bread Knife

February 10, 2020
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In response to market demand, Cestari Kitchen, a company well known for its high quality and innovative kitchen gadgets, is proud to announce the release of its newly designed serrated bread knife.

The knife has a razor-sharp blade that is six inches in length. The sleek mirror finish black blade is made from zirconium oxide, a state-of-the-art advanced ceramic material. Zirconium oxide is one of the best ceramics available on the market because it has one of the highest mechanical strengths, surface smoothness, and fracture resistance of all ceramics.

ceramic serrated tomato knife

This ceramic material is superior to steel because it holds an exceedingly sharp edge for much longer than traditional steel knives and as a bonus, zirconium oxide blades do not need sharpening in the same way that traditional knives do.

Another major benefit of the advanced ceramics used in Cestari’s bread knife is that the material is both non-porous and non-reactive. This is an extremely important property because it means that unlike traditional steel knives, the knife will not rust. In addition, will it discolor food or absorb odors.

It is not simply the quality of the blade that makes this bread knife stand out from the crowd. Just as much thought has been given to the design of the handle. The handle is made from an injection molded resin with no joints which means that it is highly resistant to harboring bacteria and germs. The knife is easily cleaned and is in fact capable of being washed at high temperatures and so it is not only top rack dishwasher safe, but it can also withstand a dishwasher “sterilize” setting.

The serrated bread knife is razor-sharp and that is the way that people will want it to stay. To help protect the edge of the blade, a bonus safety sheath is also included. Obviously, the sheath serves a double purpose because with it on it will help protect fingers and hands from cuts and the knife can easily be stored in a drawer.

The knife is perfectly balanced and has been designed with comfort in mind which makes it highly suitable as a multipurpose kitchen tool.

Partly due to the incredible sharpness of its ceramic blade this bread knife is perfect for slicing fruits as well as vegetables. Take a tomato, for example. The knife will slice through the tomato’s flesh as quickly and as easily as the proverbial “hot knife through butter.” Its razor-sharp edge is also very capable of producing extremely thin, bordering on paper-thin, slices.

It is not just breads, fruits, and vegetables that this knife can be used for. Cheese, too, can be cut very efficiently with this knife. Unlike many steel knives, Cestari’s ceramic bread knife can be used on both hard cheese and soft cheese. The knife is also highly suitable for cutting and slicing boneless meats.

Cestari Kitchen considers its newly released six-inch knife to be the best serrated bread knife in its class that the company has produced to date and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the bread knife itself or Cestari’s other kitchen offerings can find out more on the company’s website. Those interested in purchasing can do so through the website or through the company’s Amazon store.

Based in Massachusetts, Cestari Kitchen is a small family-owned and operated business. The company provides high quality, easy to use kitchen equipment and gadgets designed to help kitchen prep go faster and more efficiently leaving more time to connect with family.

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Cestari Kitchen provides premiere kitchen products for the home cook. Every Cestari Kitchen tool is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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