Denver Investment Company Provides Custom Streamlined Solution For Homeowners Looking To Sell Fast

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Denver We Buy Houses Companies

Local property flipping company HBR Colorado has recently announced a new streamlined home buying program to enable homeowners to sell Denver homes fast without having to list with a real estate agency. The Colorado Springs-based investment company does a lot of business up north in the Denver Metro real estate market and they recently have expanded their house flipping operations to Southern Colorado along with the Western Slope as well. Investment companies like HBR Colorado provide Colorado property owners with a viable alternative to listing a home on the market by dealing directly with a cash buyer and avoiding the complicated process of listing a home on the MLS. Listing a home with a realtor is ideal only if the property is in great condition, whereas homes that are in poor shape and need a lot of work are a better fit for selling directly to a cash buyer who can close fast with no questions asked.

Selling Colorado homes directly to a real estate investor is attractive for property owners who are facing difficult life situations such as foreclosure, divorce, job relocation, squatters, bad tenants, inheritance properties, and other similar situations where a fast cash closing is preferred over listing on the market and waiting for a closing to take place several months down the road. Investors are often willing to purchase homes in poor condition as well even if they have asbestos siding, foundation damage, fire damage, mold damage, hail damage, and other serious problems that would prevent a lender from underwriting a loan on the home to an end buyer. Since the home cannot be funded through a bank, the only other option is to sell directly to a professional home buyer or another type of cash buyer who doesn't need a loan to purchase the property. Cash buyers are preferred by homeowners when facing these difficult situations since the transaction can be executed much faster without having to invest money into repairs or closing fees.

Many investment companies who advertise we buy houses Denver Co are willing to pay cash and close fast and they will also normally cover all of the closing costs for the seller as well. Investors cover closing costs for the homeowner since the seller is giving them a large discount and allowing their company to earn a nice profit once the home is finally resold. Homeowners who are searching for alternative solutions to selling their Colorado homes normally find investors who buy houses with cash on the internet by performing keyword queries such as "sell my house fast" and "we buy houses". The company that lands at the top of the search results with the most positive ratings are normally the one that is to be trusted the most. Online review sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, The BBB, and Trust Pilot have made it easier for consumers to instantly find out detailed information about a company by seeing real reviews from their past clients. This gives consumers the upper hand when choosing which company to deal with to sell their Denver home quickly.

Most investment companies that advertise we buy houses Denver CO are capable of buying a property with cash in as little as one week flat. However, Denver homeowners should be wise to the fact that a lot of "wholesalers" operate within the market and they don't actually have the cash on hand to purchase their property. One way to quickly weed out property wholesalers is to ask the buyer for a proof of funds letter. Any investment company with cash on hand will quickly be able to produce a proof of funds letter, while wholesalers will not be able to. Avoiding dealing with wholesalers is essential because these investors will only tie up the deal and prevent it from closing. A real investor who pays cash will be able to provide a proof of funds letter and will also be able to cover all of the closing costs so the seller doesn't have to pay anything out of their own pocket. Normally sellers are responsible for paying monthly holding costs such as taxes, utilities, mortgage payments, homeowner's insurance, and any other recurring costs that occur on a consistent basis. Selling directly to a Denver cash home buyer allows homeowners to avoid this hassle and close fast on their own terms.

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About HBR Colorado :

HBR Colorado is a professional home buying company based in Colorado Springs, CO who buys houses with cash in one week flat all throughout the state of Colorado.

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Brian Rudderow

3094 1/2 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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