A Close Look At One Of The Best Home Buying Companies In Colorado - HBR Colorado

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Local Colorado Springs-based home buying company HBR Colorado is one of the best home buying companies based in Colorado because the company owner and CEO Brian Rudderow dedicated his businesses assets and resources to serving his clients and providing them with honest, ethical home buying services instead of scammy tactics which result in short term profits. Many people know that a lot of these local "we buy houses" companies are unethical based on some of the negative reviews out there online, but Rudderow's company aims to change that conclusion by providing homeowners with real solutions for their real estate problems, not just the solution that will benefit his company the most. HBR Colorado is a real estate solutions provider that has been through the thick and thin with their clients, from foreclosure to divorce, inherited properties, bad tenants, squatters, HOA special assessments, mold damage, termite damage, outdated electrical systems, foundation damage, and other similar sticky situations which require a keen eye and an entrepreneurial spirit to take on.

Investors buy houses with cash in Colorado Springs and all surrounding areas with the goal of streamlining the selling process for the seller while also consistently making a profit large enough to enable them to pay income tax, capital gains taxes, and then have enough to live on while continuing to invest in real estate deals and flip more properties per year. A lot of real estate investors end up quitting after the first couple of years because it can be an extremely difficult line of business to get into. First of all, only about 5% of all real estate transactions that take place are a good fit for selling directly to a cash home buyer. Most properties are better of being listed on the open market through a real estate agency since the overall net cash value once the home has been sold will be much higher. However, there are sellers and certain types of situations that require a bit more flexibility and finesse to close, and these are the transactions where it makes more sense to deal with a cash home buying company in Colorado such as HBR Colorado home buyers.

Investment companies who buy houses with cash in Colorado Springs are able to close the deal fast without any appraisals, inspections, underwriting procedures, or other similar processes which will only delay the closing and prevent it from taking place. Sellers who are facing dire life circumstances need someone who is honest and straightforward who will be able to layout the various options that are available to the homeowner so that the person knows all of their choices, not just the choice that is right for the investment company. A lot of investors can come off as heartless and robotic because they don't have a sincere demeanor and feel no empathy for the homeowner and their problems. HBR Colorado aims to give sellers the respect and attention that their situations deserve and provide them with an honest assessment of the problem and what their best course of action should be moving forward. Online reviews are a good way to judge how honest and ethical any given company is because an overall consensus can be obtained simply by finding out what past clients and customers said after doing business with the company in question.

Professional property buyers in Colorado who purchase homes fast will even sometimes allow the sellers to remain inside of the property for up to 30 days after the closing has taken place with what is commonly known throughout the real estate investing industry as a "post-closing occupancy agreement" which is extremely attractive to sellers who have a lot of personal junk in their homes or don't have the money to afford to move until after the closing has already taken place. Having this added layer of flexibility to the transaction is simply a must for some people, especially those who aren't in a good position to list their homes with a licensed real estate agent since they still have a lot of personal property inside of the home which must first be liquidated and sold. Realtors will oftentimes recommend that people fix up their homes and make a long list of repairs before they can finally be listed and sold on the open market, which is why selling directly to a cash buying investor in Colorado makes more sense for people who are dealing with these types of scenarios.

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About HBR Colorado :

HBR Colorado is a professional home buying company based in Colorado Springs, CO who buys houses with cash in one week flat all throughout the state of Colorado.

Contact HBR Colorado:

Brian Rudderow

3094 1/2 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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