High Demand Observed For Authentic Japanese Uniforms As Karate Debuts At 2020 Olympics

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Denver, Colorado - LLC, a leading online supplier of martial arts supplies and uniforms, has reported a huge increase in interest and demand for a high quality, authentic Japanese Tokaido Karate Gi ahead of the 2020 Olympics. This year, two Karate disciplines are included in the competition, including three weight classes for both male and female competitors for Kumite, a form of sparring. Olympians can also compete in the solo discipline of one of the 102 Katas recognized by the World Karate Federation.

Speaking on behalf of, a company representative says, “We are delighted that the 2020 Olympics will showcase two Karate disciplines. We have had numerous queries from those who want to ensure that they are paying for authentic Tokaido Karate Gis from Japan rather than an overpriced, substandard knockoff. We have published an article on our website blog to help everyone who wants to ensure that they are buying an authentic Tokaido Karate Gi, along with five of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked. We are currently offering up to 50% off our tradition uniforms to help ensure that every Karate student can get a high quality and extremely durable uniform.”

One of the ways those buying Tokaido uniforms can determine authenticity is to find out if their supplier makes them available in black. Only authentic Tokaido Gi uniforms made in Japan come in black, so if a supplier does not offer black uniforms, chances are their other uniforms are not authentic.

In other news, the company was recently featured on the WRCB Channel 3 TV website, which highlighted that they have sponsored a scholarship for a deserving young martial arts practitioner. According to the, they take their commitment to helping everyone understand the health benefits of martial arts very seriously. In the article, they attribute their success to hiring people that know martial arts well and then getting the right products.

Their online store provides uniforms for all forms of martial arts, including a full range of traditional Karate gis available in black, white, blue, and red. These are the best uniforms for Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, Kempo, Kenpo, Kajukembo and other martial arts. They are very popular as they provide greater ease of movement and durability for those developing their skills. They are also the most common standard for many martial arts, and their distinctive look has become a universal trademark around the globe. Learn more here: Traditional Karate Gi.

The company says, “We expect many new students across America and around the world will want to sign up at their local dojo to begin or renew their favorite martial art ahead of the Olympics. It's a great way for students of every age learn new disciplines and enjoy improving their physical and mental stamina, particularly since Karate is one of the most ancient arts. Many styles of Karate trace their lineage back to Okinawa, and even Chinese styles of kung fu before that. The refinements and character of Japanese Karate is unique, having evolved over the centuries. We wish all those competing in the Olympics this year as well as in future years all the best in their competitions. They will be inspiring millions around the globe.” can ship to virtually any address in the world, subject to restrictions on some products and a few international destinations. The online store features many of the most commonly needed items, as well as many hard to find items and gifts which are sure to delight practitioners of any of the martial arts. In addition to traditional Karate gis, the online store features authentic Tokaido Gis, which are known to last 20 years and more. sources their products from many of the most well-known, high quality manufacturers of martial arts uniforms, clothing, training equipment, sparring gear, weapons and virtually everything a practitioner is likely to want or need. The website features products made by Tiger Claw, Kwon, Century, Tokaido Japan, Dragon Well, Security Plus and other reputable brands.

Their representative concludes, “We have been supplying the best quality goods for the widest range of martial arts for over 15 years. We are delighted to see two Karate disciplines added to the Olympics for 2020. We hope everyone will be inspired to find the martial art which is perfect for them because we believe that developing these skills will help them enjoy their improved fitness, focus and confidence. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to good quality equipment and supplies at affordable prices.”

Those interested in ordering Karate gis, belts and other equipment are urged to do so at their earliest convenience to take advantage of ongoing promotions. also invites social media users to connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to stay abreast of their special offers, articles and announcements. Learn more here: Karate Gi.

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