Corefront Homes Inc. Calgary Alberta Announces a Better Approach to Renovations

December 17, 2019
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Corefront Homes of Calgary, Alberta, has announced a better approach to renovations. Their expertise in design, project management, and construction, means they can now offer homeowners a new and improved approach to custom renovation projects with their specialist all in one team approach. See more here:

Kitchen renovation is a high priority project undertaken by many homeowners. It is a rarity that a homeowner’s current kitchen is their dream kitchen. Accordingly, the decision is made to renovate. Having an existing kitchen renovated and turned into a dream kitchen is a project that makes sense and not just from a personal perspective. Should the time come for a homeowner to move, a new kitchen is a very good selling point.

Most potential buyers consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the house when viewing. Thus, renovation not only makes a difference to the homeowner, as they get their ideal kitchen, but it is a sound investment in the value of the house itself. The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house for the people living there. It is not just a place where meals are made, but a place where people spend quality time and connect.

Corefront understands just how central this room is to the people living there. They are specialists in designing and redesigning and can help a homeowner through all stages of a custom project of any size. Homeowners can find more information about kitchen renovation and the steps involved at Corefront’s website by clicking on this link:

Second only to kitchen renovation for many, is the bathroom. Different people have very different ideas of what constitutes “tasteful” at any time, but this is particularly marked when considering bathroom décor. The color and design of existing bathroom fittings are a primary reason for the decision to renovate.

Color and design aside, “old-fashioned” is another factor in the decision to renovate. Styles are constantly changing and even a bathroom from five years ago can look out of date. Add old-fashioned to untasteful and the decision to remodel or replace a bathroom completely becomes imperative for most. A bathroom, like a kitchen, is a major undertaking and similarly, it is an investment. An up to date and good-looking bathroom allows families to enjoy all the benefits of modernization and adds value to the property itself at the same time.

Julie Dennyson, a Calgary homeowner, said, “I recently moved here, and I loved the house I bought but hated the bathroom. It was old and the color scheme was dreadful. I didn’t really have an idea of exactly what I wanted; I just knew it wasn’t what was there. Corefront provided me with a lot of different ideas and designs and helped me decide on one that worked. I am not sure I would have got there on my own.”

Homeowners needing to modernize or completely redesign a bathroom should visit Corefront’s bathroom section at Whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen that is being considered for renovation, homeowners can see examples of Corefront’s all in one team approach to design and building by requesting a private showing at their downtown Calgary showroom. A virtual video walkthrough of the showroom area is also available online at their website.

A Corefront spokesperson said, “We take pride in being able to help someone achieve the room of their dreams. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most frequently requested renovations, but we also do basements and bedrooms, and of course, any other room a homeowner wants. In fact, we can knock the house down and build a dream home from scratch if that is what is wanted.”

Corefront is a family-based company that places a strong emphasis on the importance of customer relationships when designing or redesigning a customized masterpiece. Their teams of highly qualified staff and skilled personnel means that every aspect of a renovation will be professionally looked after from beginning to end.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Corefront has been providing home renovations in Calgary since 2006. We are experts in kitchen renovations and whole home renovations in Calgary Alberta.

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