New Options and Approaches for Renovations by Corefront Homes Inc.

December 23, 2019
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Corefront Homes in Calgary announces a new and convenient approach to renovations. Whether a homeowner wants to keep costs as low as possible, or whether they wish to have a turnkey project completely handled by professionals, Corefront has a flexible approach that saves time, money, and energy.

Many people like to start in the kitchen when they are considering remodeling, and when they do, one of the very first things to consider is storage space as shown here:

The linked article explains the types of cabinets in detail; from oven cabinets to island cabinets, and also explains the different types of finishes and approaches. Marcy Wheeler, a Corefront spokesperson said, “At Corefront we are flexible so that we can meet our customers’ needs. If a particular aspect of an existing kitchen is liked, it can be kept. We can replicate it, improve it, or even move it to another location in the home if necessary. But we don’t just barge in and say that things must be done a certain way. Our job is to work with the client, not to try and control them.”

Corefront also encourages people to consider the ways that they currently use their existing rooms. If a family tends to eat in the kitchen rather than in a dining room, for example, or if they watch television or do homework together in the kitchen, the company will suggest different choices than for a couple who prepare for formal dinners and who almost never eat in the kitchen.

Assisting its clients in keeping costs affordable and reasonable is one of the utmost concerns at Corefront. They have created an article about specific ways to lower bathroom renovation costs which can be found here:

First and foremost, in the explanation is for the homeowner to do their own labor. Bathroom renovation costs can be lowered by homeowners stripping out fixtures and fittings themselves as long as care is taken not to disturb existing wiring and plumbing. The only caveat to this light demolition work would be if the bathroom contained asbestos.

Keeping an existing floor plan will also help keep expenses down. Changing a bathroom floor plan will increase costs drastically as plumbers will be needed to remove old pipe work as well as install new pipe work. Not moving the bath, sink, and shower locations will minimize this aspect of a remodeling budget.

It is also possible nowadays for tubs and sinks to be refinished using the latest techniques to upgrade existing fixtures to modern standards. Purchasing new sinks or tubs usually means that new framing, paneling and retiling will be required on top of plumbing fees. Refinishing can potentially save over a thousand dollars.

Similarly, cabinets and cupboards can also be refaced instead of being totally replaced. Existing hardware and doors are replaced with brand new fixtures leading to a 50 percent reduction of the cost compared to all new cabinetry. The only drawback to going down this route is that the cupboard and cabinet layouts must remain the same.

Lastly, it may be possible to reduce costs by sourcing materials from factory direct suppliers. For homeowners that do not wish to resurface and/or reface this may be a viable option. There are specialist renovation firms in Calgary who can not only help maximize existing space but significantly reduce expenses by sourcing factory direct tubs, sinks, and tiles, etc. from low-cost suppliers.

This helpful guide to lowering the costs of bathroom renovations can also be applied, of course, to kitchens and any other rooms in the house that need to be renovated.

Corefront employs a very specific process in its new and fresh approach to renovations. A construction management form of project delivery is used. This involves a collaboration between the homeowner, the designer, and Corefront working as a team to achieve a cost-effective efficiency in time, cost, and constructability.

The process stages include an initial meeting, full design, pre-construction, construction, and sign-off. A full explanation of each stage and the roles played by both the homeowner and Corefront can be found at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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