Property Investment Company HBR Colorado Makes it Easy to Sell Homes Fast In Colorado Springs

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HBR Colorado - Colorado Springs House Buyer, have a straightforward proposition to make to any homeowner wishing to sell a home in a hurry. Brian Rudderow the owner says, “This is a cash for keys program, we will buy any house in its current condition in as little as one week, and allow the property owner the chance to sell in as-is condition without having to list on the market through a real estate agent.”

This is an offer that has got many homeowners who are wishing to sell in the Colorado area interested. The HBR Colorado website shows many testimonials from home sellers who have used this service and are able to enthusiastically recommend it.

R Marks, leaving a testimonial on google commented, “In today's society it's hard to find an honest businessman to deal with, but Brian is. Best person I have ever dealt with. He and his wife are kind, quality people. Help get you out of a tight spot when you need to sell.”

What is clear from their website is that the home does not need to be in a good condition whatsoever for Colorado Springs Home Buyers, HBR Colorado, to make an offer. It can be in need of major repair work, even with serious issues with foundations or the roof. Realtors will often refuse to list properties in bad condition, leaving the owner in a position where they have to make a major investment to even get it on the market. In contrast, HBR Colorado will buy any house in its current condition. Having an investment company take this approach to real estate, and offer to close fast is a real bonus to homeowners wanting to dispose of a home without any further inconveniences.

HBR can make these astonishingly quick cash purchases because they are not acting as real estate agents and listing properties for sale, but are actually buying the property outright. Furthermore, because they pay cash, they are able to close the deal in a very short timeframe, in fact, as quickly as is convenient for the seller, and often within a week. Another important point is that HBR is a private investment company, so there are no fees. This compares to the 7% that is typically charged when a real estate agent is used.

This is popular with homeowners wishing to sell because it means they can relax without having to stress themselves out over extra costs, nor have the pressure of waiting sometimes months, with the house on the market. Other issues that can be avoided are cleaning and decorating a house to get it ready to go on the market. HBR undertakes to buy a house just as it is, they call this buying it “ugly”.

In fact, for them, the worse condition it is in the better. Brian Rudderow aims to make this service as simple and quick as he can. He invites potential sellers to reach out in a number of ways. One way people can get an easy no-strings quote is by putting a few simple details into the form on their website. The seller only needs to input the answers to 5 easy questions to get a no hassle, no obligation offer for the house they wish to sell.

The selling process is outlined in four steps. Firstly, the buyer needs to provide some very basic information about the house. Next, this information will be reviewed to check it meets HBR‘s criteria, and an appointment is made to view the house. In this process, the time frame is important, and often in less than a day a specialist will review the paperwork and from this, a fair, no-obligation offer will be made. If the buyer agrees to it, the last step is the closure of the deal at a reputable title company, which can be done in under seven days. That is it, at that point the seller has cash in their hands and has disposed of their property quickly and conveniently.

Selling an unwanted Colorado Springs property has now become a smooth and trouble-free process. Homeowners wishing to investigate HBR Colorado - Colorado Springs Cash Home Buyer further, and take advantage of this quick and easy way to sell, can find more information on their website, where they can also request a valuation using the simple form.

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About HBR Colorado :

HBR Colorado is a professional home buying company based in Colorado Springs, CO who buys houses with cash in one week flat all throughout the state of Colorado.

Contact HBR Colorado:

Brian Rudderow

3094 1/2 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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