Pricing Celebrates 15 Years Of Wing Chun Dummy Sales

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Denver, Colorado -, an online storefront that sells martial arts supplies and equipment, is reaching out to the wider community to celebrate 15 years of selling Wing Chun Dummies. The store specializes in a wide range of items, from Authentic Tokaido Karate Uniforms to Wing Chun Dummies, among a number of other general martial arts supplies.

Debbie McMurty, a representative for, says, “We know that it's odd for a supplier related to (Japanese) Karate to become experts on dummies related to the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun, but we are. It's been a long journey with our customers and suppliers, where we have learned new lessons every step of the way.”

“Practitioners of Wing Chun want the authentic art,” McMurty continues, “and they want to practice on a dummy that is crafted to the traditional specifications. We've taken great care to get the right dummies for our customers. Our suppliers, many of whom are Wing Chun practitioners themselves, are all artisans and have mastered the art of creating Wing Chun dummies that meet all the requirements of Wing Chun practitioners.”

Wing Chun dummies are an integral part of Wing Chun training, as one of the most popular training sequences is the "Wing Chun dummy form." This form is taught and performed on the dummy, with thousands of repetitions over years and decades of practice. The form teaches angles of defense, counter-punching, blocking and striking—even kicks.

The Wing Chun dummy that is used today was originally created by the legendary Wing Chun practitioner Ip Man in Hong Kong to fit the practical needs of living in a small apartment. It is designed to cultivate fighting skill and chi simultaneously, and it has three arms and one leg that represent an opponent's body in various positions and the lines of force the body can give out. The wooden slats on which the Wing Chun dummy is mounted has a springiness that replicates an effect that is similar to a human opponent's involuntary reaction. This springiness allows the Wing Chun practitioner to practice absorbing their opponent’s energy into their stance.

According to, the martial art of Wing Chun has seen a steady influx of students who want to study and practice its intricacies, aided by legends such as Grandmaster Ip Man and his student, Bruce Lee. The continuous rising popularity of Wing Chun in the United States has allowed to make a name for themselves as reliable providers of Wing Chun dummies, among other martial arts supplies.

A five star review on the company’s website reads, “I've been learning the dummy form on my own (Youtube, etc), and getting this has really helped. I told my new wife it's a Functional Interior Design Element, but she doesn't buy it. So it's down in my man cave, but adds a certain elegance. I still need to get a pad for the dummy, so I can strike harder. But it seems durable. Needs to be punched more than polished, anyway.”

Another customer review says, “Wing Chun dummies are usually more expensive than this, so I was a little suspicious. I live in a drier part of the country, and was worried that the dummy would crack easily or split over time. Now that I have the dummy, I'm less concerned. A little water seal should work just fine. Purchasing it was easy, and the customer service was great. For something to hit, it's actually quite nice.” also funds a scholarship program in addition to selling martial arts supplies. In their Warrior Scholarship program, offers $500 to both current and incoming students who are practitioners of martial arts. The company says, “We appreciate the power of education and believe that martial artists can play a huge role in improving students’ lives. As the costs of tuition continue to rise, covering educational expenses like books, housing, and school supplies can become increasingly difficult. Our annual scholarship of $500 is intended to provide relief from some of the financial concerns of talented martial artists who desire to further their education.”

Those who want to learn more about and the various products and services they provide can find more information on their website. Additionally, the company also encourages interested parties to get in touch with them directly via email or phone. In addition to their official website, maintains a presence on Facebook where they post frequent updates, share information and communicate with their customers.

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