Car Paint Protection Specialist Heads Uses Nanotechnology To Future Proof Vehicles

November 18, 2019
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Alexandria, New South Wales based Opti-Coat is pleased to announce that they are now able to utilise nanotechnology to impart an extremely effective paint finish on their customers’ cars. Opti-Coat joins the ranks of many leading companies around the globe who make it their mission to tread the bleeding edge of advancements in nanotechnology in order to provide better services and products for their customers.

Car paint protection, as the name suggests, is a form of coating that is applied over a car’s existing paintwork in order to act as a buffer between the car’s paint and environmental elements that would harm it. It is typically offered to new car owners as an optional extra at dealerships since it is a relatively inexpensive add-on that can protect a brand new vehicle’s finish from everyday annoyances such as stone chips and other minor damage. There are many types of paint protection, including liquid sprays that need time to set, physical films that can be laid over a car’s surface, and everything in between.

car paint protection

Nanotechnology involves the production of extremely advanced materials at a scale that is nearly as small as individual atoms and molecules (usually between 1-100 nanometers). Given that materials manufactured at this scale may lead to stronger and more sustainable components in the future, car makers are keen to invest in the field to see where it can take them and what advancements it can offer their customers. Many car owners will likely be familiar with some of these concepts already, from nanotechnology-infused fuel cells that allow cars to run for extended periods and longer distances to stronger yet lighter engine components.

As Opti-Coat notes, there is a strong demand for protective paint layers that can help shield a car’s aesthetic appeal from the wear and tear of daily use or minor accidents. When combined with nanotechnology, the particles that form a protective layer can be packed much more tightly together (or in certain formations at the molecular level) in order to boost its protective properties. Learn more at the company’s website:

Nano paint protection, for instance, can protect a car against harmful UV radiation, drastically reducing the amount of fading it is susceptible to over a lengthy period of time since it helps prevent oxidation in the car’s base paint layer. Furthermore, car owners need not worry about their paint being eroded by the acidic contents in bird and bat droppings or even tree sap. Nano paint imparts a glossy finish to a car that rebuffs a wide range of environmental wear and tear.

Due to its incredible properties, this technology is used in Opti-Coat’s products where possible. As the company explains, “Opti-Coat Pro is a silicon carbide ceramic coating made for protecting paint. When applied on top of the factory clear coat, it bonds to that factory coat and intensifies gloss, adding paint protection for the vehicle. Opti-Coat Pro repels water and increases the gloss of the vehicle’s paint. It is not a wax or a sealant; rather, it is a ceramic coating that provides superior protection for the long-term. Opti-Coat Pro is much thicker than conventional waxes and does not have to be applied several times a year—it only requires one application, and one of our professional installers will do the work for you.” Notably, the company offers an enhanced version of this service that comes with a 7-year warranty. Customers may want to check it out to ensure their beloved car is truly afforded the best protection available.

Conversely, some drivers may prefer to stick with the tried and tested methods of paint protection that they are familiar with. Opti-Coat offers Paint Protection Film (PPF) for just this purpose as well. They explain, “Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film is a 0.2mm, optically clear film digitally cut to custom fit your car and then professionally applied to protect your painted surface from daily hazards such as stone chips, tree branches, and sharp objects. Opti-Coat PPF Ultra features a self-healing top coat that reforms and repairs light scratches in the film and maintains a high gloss.” Learn more here: Opticoat.

More information can be found on Opti-Coat’s official website. Interested parties may reach out to Greg Gillespie, a company representative at Opti-Coat partner Helium Digital, to inquire further as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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