Patuxent Signature Flies Announces the Opening of Their New Online Store

November 04, 2019
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Patuxent Signature Flies is a specialty fly shop that offers a wide range of lures for fly fishermen and ultra-lite anglers. The company is based out of Columbia, MD and has been selling its signature fishing flies locally for a few years now. All that is about to change in a big way because Patuxent Signature Flies has just announced that they have opened a new online store. Now their popular lines of lures can be purchased all across America. This is not only a big event for the company but it also benefits fly fishermen that like to experiment with different types of flies that other anglers have experienced success with.

Company owner, Sean Beck, had this to say about their new online store, “Ever since I was young I have been hooked on fly fishing. There is just something special about the feeling you get when you have a decent size fish on the end of an ultra-lite pole line. It’s a more satisfying fishing experience than any other fishing style that I have tried. Fly fishing can also be very frustrating if you do not have the proper lures to attract the bigger fish with. After having some success with my homemade flies, I started to make them available for sale and now we have taken that a big step further with our new online store.”

The company’s new online shopping site can be seen here at It’s a very simple shopping site to navigate around. A customer can use the main website to decide what types of lures they are interested in purchasing and then use the shopping site to contact the company to make a purchase.

Beck, a self-proclaimed bug man, says he first started creating flies as a hobby but that all changed in 2017. It was at that point that he started experiencing some consistent fishing success with several different styles of flies that he was making. He figured other fly fishermen could benefit from them too. So he decided it was time to make his signature flies available to other anglers. Hence the Patuxent Signature Flies collection was born. Now with the new online store, anyone in the USA can try these specialty lures to see if they are to their liking.

The company owner went on to say that he mainly produces flies that he would term as subsurface patterns. He does this because this type of movement he and some of his other fly-fishing friends have had great success with. The flies that he makes have allowed him to haul in brown trout, smallmouth bass, snakehead, and various types of panfish. Beck added that he sees no reason why experienced fly fishermen can’t have success going after other species of fish with his signature flies too.

Beck has experienced various levels of success as far as selling the different types of flies that he makes. So far, the most popular flies he sells are part of his Euro Nymphing collection. His Euro Leader is not only his biggest seller in this collection, but it’s also his biggest seller overall too. This fishing leader is followed closely in sales by the Jiggly Squirrel which comes in a 3-pack. Other lures in the Euro Nymphing collection include the Greasy Goods, Patuxent Pack, and the Mega Walt's Worm Pack.

The online fly choices that anglers have on the Patuxent Signature Flies shopping site does not start and end with the Euro Nymphing collection either. The company also offers what is known as their Nymph, Freshwater, and Saltwater fly collections. They also sell leaders and light tackle lures.

Beck also said they are a fly-fishing lure manufacturer that truly has an eye on the future. Evidence of this can be seen here at which is the company’s media room that they are in the process of building.

For those that want more information on this innovative fly-fishing lure manufacturer’s products, all they have to do is visit the company’s website or new online shopping site.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Patuxent Signature Flies:

Patuxent Signature Flies is a specialty tackle shop offering a wide range of lures for fly fishermen and ultra-lite anglers.

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