Local House Flipping Company HBR Colorado Advertises: We Buy Houses In Pueblo Colorado

October 11, 2019
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Local house flipping company HBR Colorado has recently expanded the area where they are buying homes with cash in and they are now advertising: we buy homes in Pueblo. Pueblo is a medium-sized city in southern Colorado with roughly 100,000 residents and it is an extremely diverse place. Pueblo has the least expensive residential real estate of all cities in Colorado with a median home price of just $192,000.

Many homeowners in Pueblo will choose to sell their homes to an investment company for fast cash due to the streamlined, painless process that investment companies provide which adds a layer of flexibility to the transaction that doesn't come with listing on the market with a realtor.

"Pueblo is an extremely diverse market with homes from $40,000 all the way up to $400,000 in Pueblo West," says CEO of HBR Colorado Brian Rudderow. "We've done deals in Colorado Springs, Denver, Arvada, Gunnison, Silt, and Walsenburg so far and now we are looking to expand our operations to Pueblo," he added.

Homeowners choose to sell to investment companies like HBR because of the convenience and flexibility that comes with dealing directly with a cash buyer instead of going through a lender where there are complicated underwriting procedures that must take place before the home can actually be purchased. Selling a home on the open market through a realtor is difficult when the homeowner is still living inside of the property, and investors will often give sellers up to a month after the closing date to gather their belongings and move out of the residence.

Some investors will do a "rent back" with the seller and charge them one month's rent to stay in the home after closing. HBR Colorado normally does not charge this rental fee and will normally even offer to help the owner sell some of their personal property or even move to their new residence.

Investors can add a lot of value to homeowners who are looking to close quickly with special clauses built into the contract which they would never be able to negotiate when selling through a real estate agent. Even though investors will make offers between 30 - 40% below retail value a lot of homeowners still find a lot of value in being able to deal with someone like this because they are in a situation where they are more inclined to look for speed and flexibility as opposed to getting the maximum dollar amount for the property.

Homeowners who are looking to sell their Pueblo house fast should contact HBR Colorado by clicking on the link in this article and visiting their website and filling out the form on the home page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About HBR Colorado:

HBR Colorado is a professional home buying company based in Colorado Springs, CO who buys houses with cash in one week flat all throughout the state of Colorado.

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Brian Rudderow
3094 1/2 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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