HBR Colorado: We Buy Houses In Colorado Springs

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Home Buyers & Renovators (HBR) Colorado has launched a new stage of expansion in the state, with the company now buying homes in the Colorado Springs area. HBR Colorado specializes in real estate investments, and they boast a distinguished reputation for offering one of the most convenient and hassle-free avenues through which homeowners may sell their houses in Colorado.

Brian Rudderow, Owner and CEO of HBR Colorado, says, "As always, we are very excited to bring our services to a new community in Colorado. We have increased our expansion efforts over the past few years in the hopes of reaching as many people as possible, as we want everyone in Colorado to have the option of selling their houses at a fair price—at a moment's notice. Ultimately, we have to thank the community for putting their trust in us as their real estate investors, as they have been nothing but supportive and caring. Without them, this new expansion would not have been possible. We promise to deliver a service that lives up to their expectations and, hopefully, surpasses them."

According to HBR Colorado, the biggest obstacle that prevents someone from selling their house is the difficulty and length of the selling process itself. The amount of paperwork needed, having to schedule multiple inspections and visits, and negotiating with interested parties is more than enough to repel homeowners from the prospect of selling their properties, even if they have the time to go through with it.

Knowing the difficulties that homeowners have to go through to sell their properties better than anyone, HBR Colorado claims to have a solution to the community's concerns. The premise of their service is simple, to offer a convenient and reliable way to sell a house on extremely short notice. By handling any and all tedious paperwork, as well as any other aspect of the sales process, the company allows its customers to rest at ease while they take over the minutiae of organizing the sale. Notably, they are able to present each client with a no-obligation offer in as few as 24 hours.

"We are very familiar with the challenges that you can encounter while trying to sell your house in Colorado Springs, and we know the best ways to overcome these obstacles," asserts Rudderow. He adds that the company can close a sale as few as seven days after the initial offer—or, conversely, as long as their client deems necessary to make a decision. Furthermore, their offers are 100% cash, which means that their clients will receive the full amount for their homes in cash as soon as the deal is closed, without any hassle.

HBR Colorado has been reviewed multiple times by customers who attest to the excellence of their services. Their comments serve to illustrate some of the most important traits of the company that differentiates them from others. In one of their most recent testimonials, showcased on the company’s website, Andrew M. states, "Selling a townhome with a demanding HOA is hard enough, especially when you accrue a home damage assessment of $10,000 added on to your HOA bill. Basically, no realtor would agree to post a property for sale in this situation. This is why I went with Brian and his company. We probably set a world record in the time expected to close and officially sell any property but, with Brian's continued diligence and assurance (to me), the home was finally closed after almost five months. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in dire need to sell their home. Great job to Brian and his crew."

This review highlights a crucial part of the service offered by HBR Colorado; they buy homes in any condition, saving their clients thousands of dollars in repairs that they would not be able to make use of themselves anyway. This can be a life-changing advantage for many homeowners, as it allows them to get a fair offer for their house without them needing to make additional investments they may not easily be able to afford.

More information on the company's services is available on their website. Interested parties may fill out the website’s included contact form in order to schedule a visit, 24 hours after which they will receive a zero-obligation cash offer from the company. Furthermore, customers may contact Brian Rudderow of HBR Colorado to follow up on any inquiries.

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About HBR Colorado :

HBR Colorado is a professional home buying company based in Colorado Springs, CO who buys houses with cash in one week flat all throughout the state of Colorado.

Contact HBR Colorado:

Brian Rudderow

3094 1/2 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


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