Tree Trimming Service Company Publishes Post On Glow In The Dark Trees

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All Clear Tree Service, a tree trimming service based in San Diego, California, has published a new blog post titled, “Glow-In The-Dark Trees Lining Up Your Streets.” The article focuses on on-going research for making cool plants and trees that light up at night so that they can take the place of street lights in keeping the roads lighted and safe.

The principle is based on the development of bioluminescent plants through nanoparticles, keeping the plants lighted up for up to four hours, just like the glow emitted by fireflies. To produce these glowing plants, engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are focusing on an enzyme called luciferase, which acts on luciferin, causing it to emit light. Another molecule, Co-enzyme A is used to help the process by eliminating a reaction byproduct that can inhibit luciferase activity.

The work is not yet complete because they are still looking for the ideal plant to be injected with the chemical that would function perfectly as glow-in-the-dark trees that can light up dark city streets at night. Another factor that they have not yet figured out is how much of the chemical will have to be used to keep the plant lighted up all night without endangering the health of the tree or plant. So far, studies have shown that the watercress plant can be used just like a desk lamp but to light up streets instead of indoors. Currently, the brightness is only sufficient for reading books at night but scientists are hopeful that a few tweaks can make them bright enough for lighting up the whole room.

When the scientists are finally able to succeed in developing glow-in-the-dark trees, some of the trees lining up the trees will need to be uprooted in order to provide space for the glow-in-the-dark ones. The services of a professional tree trimming company like All Clear Tree Service will then be needed. For those interested in previous stories like the above, these can be found in the company website.

The company is considered to be the provider of the best tree trimming service throughout San Diego County. This is because the professional arborists of the company are very familiar with the local pests and diseases that can affect a tree.

Tree trimming is needed for various reasons. It is possible for trees to grow into dangerous spots, such as places where there are cable and power wires. They can also block signage or cause visibility problems.

Meanwhile, the tree roots may also cause problems. The roots can cause sidewalks and roads to buckle or be destroyed. For this, tree trimming or even tree removal may be required.

There are various types of tree trimming jobs that can be provided by All Clear Tree Service. These include crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, tree pollarding, and palm tree trimming. Crown thinning involves involving trimming some leaves from the tree so that light can better reach the whole tree and more air can circulate freely. This will allow the tree branches to better withstand strong winds.

Crown lifting involves eliminating the lower branches of the tree to provide clearance for a number of reasons. These include giving way to driveways, pedestrians, fences, and other structures. This will allow people to easily walk under the trees. Tree pollarding involves severely trimming the head of the tree when it is one year old. After that, spot removal will have to be performed religiously to make sure that large trees keep it at a modest size.

Meanwhile, palm trees are common in Southern California but they sometimes block roads and driveways after a storm. Also, if they are left untrimmed, they will eventually have ugly dead fronds. Some palm trees may also be used by rats and mice as nests. That is why palm trees will need to be trimmed.

Those who are interested in giving their trees a trim can visit the All Clear Tree Service website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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