October In San Diego County - Prime Time For Tree Trimming

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As the days begin to shorten and the days and nights begin to get cooler, San Diego county homeowners should understand that the best time for any kind of tree trimming, pruning or total tree removal, is now.

While certainly summertime is the busiest time of year for licensed and insured arborists like All Clear Tree Service, fall provides an excellent opportunity to "clean up the yard", and ensure that all of the trees in a yard, whether coniferous or deciduous, are trimmed properly.

Getting trees in shape for the winter to come is one of the best things a homeowner can do in San Diego County, as the winter season between November and February tends to provide the most, and sometimes all, of the rain-related moisture for the year.

If a tree has already been properly trimmed going into the winter season, the risk of tree overgrowth is lessened dramatically, and typically can set up the tree for a new spring of growth and blooming.

Some of the prime opportunities for fall tree trimming come with coniferous trees such as pine or fir. These trees can benefit especially from cutting and pruning in the cooler times of the year, as this will prevent them from dropping too much sap.

Pine trees do not tend to react well to trimming during the hottest parts of the year, mainly because this can put tremendous stress on the tree, which not only puts their overall health at risk, but also can leave them susceptible to disease.

Trimming fruit trees in the fall moving to winter can also be beneficial, particularly when the tree is very large, or is fruiting at a very high rate.

Storm Relief

One of the biggest bonuses of having a professional San Diego tree service like All Clear professionally trim trees in fall and winter is safety, pure and simple.

During the winter months in San Diego County, storms can be very unpredictable. These storms can be either small and mild, which may not result in any problems, or in some cases rather broad and large, with a high risk of landslide and flooding.

Because of the fact that there is often very little natural precipitation in the area between May and September, untrimmed trees can be a hazard especially when storms get big. Branches can be torn off by high winds and major sections of the tree may set up for a dangerous fall.

For most customers, having a tree service nearby like All Clear can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an un-maintained tree will not come back to haunt them.

Pruning Is Key To A Healthy Tree

In order to keep a tree strong and healthy, periodic tree pruning is virtually essential. When a tree has been pruned correctly, its overall structure is improved greatly by removing dead or dying branches. This also enables the arborist to take note of any cracks, cavities or decay that may indicate the tree is dying or is at risk of falling.

Another excellent reason to have an All Clear Tree Service Arborist examine and trim a customer's trees is that the tree may have an insect or disease problem. These problems must typically be addressed very quickly in order to save the tree.

Tree Removal May Be Necessary As Well

For many of the reasons above, professional tree removal may also be necessary. If a tree has grown out of control and then happens to contract a disease or bug infestation, it can be downright dangerous to property and to family and guests.

What's more, this danger can be compounded once the winter rain storms arrive. High winds can tear up a weakened tree, leaving it to drop major branches onto houses, vehicles or other valuable assets.

All Clear Tree Service's commitment to safety has earned it the reputation as San Diego’s best tree service to call when dealing with larger trees. For customers that have small trees that need removal, or large trees that require high skill to trim, All Clear Tree Service can help.

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