Evan Roberts says the Real Estate Market in San Antonio is Ideal for Flipping Houses

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Real estate expert Evan Roberts says that the housing sector in San Antonio is ripe for flipping. Mr. Roberts is the founder and owner of Dependable Homebuyers. It is a We Buy Houses company based in San Antonio with innovative home buying solutions. The company offers a turnkey solution for sellers. It purchases all types of houses in any condition and location directly from owners. According to Mr. Roberts, the conditions in the real estate market right now are ideal for flipping houses.

Flipping is a popular practice among real estate investors and professionals. It involves buying a house, usually a distressed property, renovating or improving it so the rehabbed home is saleable and subsequently selling the asset to a buyer. This entire process should be completed in less than twelve months for it to be defined as a flip. Houses can be flipped in a much shorter span of time than twelve months. Mr. Roberts says that the inventory of distressed properties and rising home prices make the market perfect for flippers. Experienced professionals and investors can flip houses to rake in profits worth up to thirty thousand dollars per project. The profit generally ranges from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars right now but there are quite a few companies that are raking in much more per flip.

The fact that flipping has become more popular in recent years is evident from the activity being featured on a reality television show. Flip it to Win it is broadcast on HGTV. Six teams compete against one another to secure the maximum profits. They have to buy foreclosed homes and then renovate them or resell them with required improvements to make a profit. The team with maximum profit wins. The show does simplify the flipping business to an extent, as is the case with all such reality television series. But it does reflect certain aspects of flipping quite accurately. The ground realities in San Antonio are of course distinct, which is why those interested should first be familiar with the market and then come up with relevant strategies for flipping houses. More of Dependable Homebuyers services can be found here.

As rewarding as flipping can be, it is also a risky endeavor and costs can skyrocket at the slightest of mistakes, which is why Dependable Homebuyers has launched an information campaign to assist investors and professionals. The information campaign also addresses concerns of sellers and buyers. Evan Roberts is a specialist in residential real estate. He leads a team of consultants, property inspectors, legal and financial experts, all of whom have decades of experience in residential real estate. They can collectively provide all the essential advice one needs to make flipping house a rewarding enterprise. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

Dependable Homebuyers is expanding its portfolio and has launched new services. This does not imply it has stopped buying houses from owners. The We Buy Houses company is also acquiring properties at auctions. It facilitates short sale and is even interested in hoarder houses. Roberts assures sellers that his firm will buy properties in as-is condition anywhere in San Antonio

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