Dependable Homebuyers Asserts the Real Estate Market in Baton Rouge is Hot for Flipping Houses

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Baton Rouge based Dependable Homebuyers has ascertained that the real estate sector is perfectly poised for investors and professionals to flip houses. Evan Roberts, owner of the We Buy Houses company, says it is a hot time to start investing in flipping houses. He explains that distresses houses can be bought directly from owners and foreclosed properties can be acquired at auctions. Such residential properties can be renovated and resold within a year. The home prices are appreciating so flipping can easily lead to a considerable increase in the value of a property. According to assessments done by Roberts and his team, those flipping houses in Baton Rouge stand to rake in fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars in profit per flip. This is net profit after factoring in all expenses.

Flipping houses has become immensely popular, especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The housing market collapsed during the last recession. It lead to a sustained stagnancy in the real estate industry. This was not unique in Baton Rouge. The entire state of Louisiana had to endure and so did most other parts of the country. The popularity of flipping can be gauged from how reality television is responding to the developments on the ground. There is a reality series called Flip it to Win it on HGTV. The show features six competing teams and all of them try to rake in the maximum profit with every house they flip. The show does not address all aspects of flipping but it does a fair job at representing reality.

Roberts says that flipping houses is easier than some investors may imagine but it does call for expertise and experience. Flipping can be a risky venture if the right properties are not chosen. How much one pays for the house during acquisition bears heavily on the potential return and not everyone can successfully sell a property in any location. The entire plan should be chalked out well in advance. Investors and professionals involved in flipping should have absolute clarity. There should be a practical strategy that factors in the market conditions and trends. Risks should be mitigated and the prospects should be rationally assessed. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

The trend of flipping houses is not a passing fad. It has been around for a while and is likely to persist in the near future. Many officials in the state are unhappy with widespread flipping because it tends to have an impact on home prices and also the type of inventory available at any given point in time. But there is no law preventing flipping. It is a legitimate investment and a practical way to secure a substantial profit with a short turnaround time. Many returns on investments are lucrative but the incubation and eventual turnaround time are an issue. Flipping houses has solid returns in a very short span of time. Dependable Homebuyers is buying houses directly from buyers. Many investors consider buying at auctions. The company lead by Evan Roberts can provide relevant information, assistance and other services to those looking for flipping opportunities in Baton Rouge. More of Dependable Homebuyers services can be found here.

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