Baton Rouge based Dependable Homebuyers gets Featured on for Buying & Restoring Historic Homes

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Local house buying company Dependable Homebuyers has got featured on The We Buy Houses company based in Baton Rouge has been acquiring historic properties in and around the city for a few years now. It has been buying historic homes directly from owners and restoring them to make them contemporary but without really gentrifying the properties or the section of the neighborhoods. For its efforts to preserve historic and architectural heritage, the national publication has featured the company and highlighted some of its accomplishments over the years.

Evan Roberts responded to the development and said that his entire team is extremely happy with the acknowledgment. His firm has been working tirelessly for nearly a decade to help homeowners find a fair deal and sell their properties quickly. The going has been tough for most parts, especially owing to the collapse of the housing market and the long road to recovery. While Dependable Homebuyers came up with innovative solutions and extensive services for homeowners, Roberts and his team realized there is a demand for historic homes. Many owners of historic properties also wanted to sell their assets so they could benefit from the liquidation. Roberts and his partners came up with the perfect solution for both the sellers and those who are interested in buying historic properties but with modifications.

According to Roberts, the founder and owner of the real estate investment firm, buyers prefer old historic buildings or houses due to their sturdy construction. Such properties are usually more spacious than modern homes. They are also grander. The architectural beauty and the sheer aesthetics make them a standout proposition for many, especially those who do not want to buy the run off the mill houses development in many parts of the city. Roberts also noted that the desire of most buyers was to have historic homes with modern amenities but that did not necessitate gentrification. Many neighborhoods in Baton Rouge have been gentrified in recent decades. These gentrification projects essentially disrupt the neighborhoods and do not involve the local communities. Many such projects usually end up changing the entire appeal of the neighborhood and the history is often forgotten. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

Dependable Homebuyers is not into gentrification. This is a point noted by as well. Roberts and his team inspect historic homes, evaluate the fair price and make a cash offer. Such offers are nonobligatory. The firm has the ability to purchase historic homes immediately if the sellers agree. They do not deal with any intermediary or real estate agent. They work with owners directly. There is no commission. The closing cost is paid for by Dependable Homebuyers. Sellers can maximize the net return. Buyers can expect homes with great architecture and historic value, spacious living spaces and rooms, sturdy construction and also modern amenities. Baton Rouge has many historic homes. They can be smartly restored and preserved at the same time. They do not have to be replaced with modern homes.
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