Leading Wasp Pest Control Company Apex Issues Wasp Advisory

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Sheffield based Apex Pest Control (APC) recently issued a Wasp Pest Control advisory to help the public understand whether they have a wasp problem and how to respond to such a situation. “With the warm summer, there are more wasps about, and we have experienced a high demand for our services. It is hazardous for anyone to remove a nest on their own. Additionally, those using pesticide could wind up contaminating the area,” said Tony Johnson of Apex Pest Control.

Johnson continued, “In an emergency situation, we advise calling in a professional wasp pest control firm. We also advise checking to ensure that they are a member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).” APC, which is locally owned, is one of the premier pest control companies in the area. Johnson stated that, “As professionals, we know the best treatment to use in any situation.” Those with a wasp problem are encouraged to remedy the issue as quickly as possible before the end of the season—when new queens will mate and seek to establish new nests.

The company has been helping local residents and commercial businesses protect their families and property from pests and pesky invaders of all kinds. Using environmentally-friendly pest removal, their pest technicians can also provide advice and help customers understand the wasp treatment.

Apex Pest Control is one of the highest rated companies in the area, lead by Tony Johnson, who has over 30 years of experience as a pest controller. “We invite all our customers, new and old alike, to leave their reviews on Google or Facebook,” said Johnson. The excellent customer they provide has made them a popular choice across Sheffield, as well as their Leeds location, for those who require a professional pest control service. The family run business and their affordable quality pest control services are always on call all across Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham, and North Derbyshire. They serve domestic, commercial, and agricultural and forestry clients.

Those looking for a pest control firm are advised to take a balanced view of the reviews left by other customers on reputable platforms like Google, Facebook, and so on. Apex Pest Control scored 5-Stars from customer Sue Robinson, who said that she found APC an, “Excellent company. Apex gave me a time slot of 2 to 4 hours from my initial phone call. I had wasps that had got into my bathroom and I was very panicky. I’ve had wasp problems before but never inside my house. In the past, I have contacted companies whose prices were extortionate, so I waited for a time the local council could attend—which is usually at least a week. No brainer for me; Apex is virtually the same price but they attend very quickly. Wasps seem to like my house, so see you soon, Apex.”

The company also maintains a library of informative articles and posts on their website, a resource of pest-related information that has helped many people learn how to address their pest control issues and prevent them in the future. They also run a Google Blogspot for Apex Pest Control that allows users to comment or ask a question. The company is also active on Facebook.

Customers who value having fully qualified pest technicians see to their pest woes will appreciate the company’s commitment to customer service. Johnson explained that, as professionals, they know the best treatment to use in any situation. APC is able to assess every pest problem on an individual basis and, after they have finished, they offer the customer a report compiling all the pest management and treatment that they carried out. In addition to this, they also offer advice regarding future pest control prevention. In general, they provide a range of specific services to suit any pest-related need, from bird proofing to bee, wasp, and local rodent nest removal (from squirrels to moles and rats).

Those who wish to find out more or would like to schedule a free initial consultation with Apex Pest Control may contact Tony Johnson. Those who prefer can follow the company on their social media channels to make quick inquiries and stay up to date with their latest news and announcements. Furthermore, interested parties may read the full advisory regarding wasp nests here to learn why hiring a wasp pest control company is the best option for them:

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We deal with pest for domestic homeowners and commercial business. As a professional pest control service, we deal with local health and environment pests. With the increase of mice, wasp and rats we take care to remove these nuisance pests quickly.

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