Senior Care Center: Things To Avoid In A Long Term Care Facility

June 28, 2019
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Senior Care Center, an assisted living service provider, recently shared some of the most common mistakes that senior relatives make when interacting with a care facility's staff. Along with the improvements that the company has been making to their existing facilities, this discussion is another step in their efforts to ease the lives of seniors and their relatives.

The center notes there are certain aspects to consider when interacting with long-term care staff, in order to avoid conflicts. They assert that maintaining a healthy relationship with the care facility employees can only positively affect a senior. This negates their exposure to stressful or uncomfortable situations where they are in the middle of an argument they do not have any part in.

Senior Care Center explains that, while senior relatives should not hold back from reporting any specific behavior issues that they notice with the facility's staff, direct confrontation with the employee is not recommended. Casey Ryeback, a spokesperson for the company, says, "As stated when we talked about our Senior Citizen Apps, being a caregiver is not easy, so it is important to avoid any discussions that can complicate the situation even further. Communication is key, and knowing the best ways to communicate effectively is just as vital. If you notice any unusual behavior the care facility’s staff, it is important to discuss this with the director of nursing, or the administrator of the facility itself. Directly confronting the employee at fault may only result in a heated discussion, and this will not help solve the issue. Their employers, however, will know how to communicate with them more effectively, which will most likely lead the problem to a timely resolution."

Further expanding on how to interact with the staff, the center explains that residents should not order the employees around. Even if they only wish to communicate a request regarding the care of a relative, it is best to discuss the matter with an administrator. They are qualified to evaluate and approve any changes regarding the care of a senior, and will ultimately pass on the message to the employee, along with a plan to address the suggestion. Visit the company’s Press Advantage page to learn more.

The best time to address any issues, or hold any discussions, with the people in charge of the care staff is during the regularly scheduled care conferences of the care facility. These conferences are scheduled for a specific purpose; once they are concluded, a strategy is developed to address all of the issues and concerns that were raised during the meeting. This is also a great opportunity to get an update on how the senior has been behaving, and how they have been adapting to their care.

However, this does not apply the other way around. Casey explains, "Often, when you come for a visit, an employee will approach you with some suggestions or advice to handle your relative. In these cases, it is important to stay receptive, as the care facility staff spends more time with your loved one that you do. Due to this, they are bound to know some things that you might not. Remember that they also care about your relative, which is why they took the time to approach you and address the situation in the first place." Senior Care Center has invited all those interested in learning more on this topic to visit the following link:

For those who have decided to care for their senior relative by themselves, the center hosts a broad selection of resources that could ease the process for both the senior and the caregiver. Ryeback states, "Senior caregivers have a lot of responsibilities, and there is a reason why they have to undergo thorough training before being able to interact with seniors. However, if you do decide to address this task on your own, we have some resources that may be useful to you in this process, and we recommend that you check them out."

Those who wish to learn more about senior care or assisted living facilities may visit Senior Care Center’s website, or contact Casey Ryeback, who will provide further assistance. The company can also be reached through their social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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