3D Brows Academy Offers Microblading Training

February 15, 2019
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3D Brows, a permanent makeup artist school, offers it students training in microblading among its many courses. The academy has established a reputation for providing informative lessons on a number of permanent makeup techniques.

Microblading is a form of tattooing that uses a small blade to apply semi-permanent pigment to the skin. It’s often used by beauticians to create, fill out, or enhance a client’s eyebrows. This technique is favoured over standard eyebrow tattooing or pencil-drawn eyebrows because the thin blade creates slim lines that have the appearance of natural eyebrows. 3D Brows provides courses meant to teach their clients to perform the technique.

3D Brows is a family-owned business that both teaches aspiring beauticians and provides cosmetic services to clients. The Founder and Head Instructor, Patty WIllardsen, is known to go above and beyond when it comes to sharing her knowledge, resources and experience with others. She oversees all courses and procedures at the Utah-based training facility, and is known among her peers to hold nothing back when teaching. The facility is small and family owned-and-operated, which allows it to focus on individual students’ or clients’ needs and preferences.

The facility provides a number of microblading courses. Students are offered the opportunity to take a look at a few of the basic strategies that Willardsen uses every day in her own microblading practice. 3D Brows Online Training is based on the academy’s microblading fundamentals training regimen. “In this course, we have simplified and broken down the important details in microblading, making it easy to follow—and unlike any other course out there,” said the academy. “Lesson topics are provided in multiple formats so that students can adapt to their learning preference.”

Also provided by the academy is a five day ‘hands on’ training program that aims to develop the proper habits to ensure their students’ success. The training facility provides successful participants with a microblading certification, in addition to the academy’s support. The online training and five day program are sometimes taken together as a combined course. “Not only do students who take this course come to class more prepared,” stated 3D Brows, “but they also have access to all future tips and assignments posted to the site for the rest of their careers. The instructors say they can tell right away who has taken the Online Training and who hasn’t.”

For those who want to go into further detail regarding shading, 3D Brows offers an in depth shading course that teaches advanced shading techniques, including full shades and the popular Ombre Brows. “If you want to be able to treat and adapt to every client that walks through your door, we highly recommended taking this course,” affirmed 3D brows. “Shading is a great technique to offer clients that need more than just hair strokes, or for certain skin types that don't hold hair strokes well.” This course features Willardsen’s famous ‘stardust’ brow, in addition to ombre, pixie, and full-color shade. Conveniently, the course also covers tattoo removal.

Lastly, for microblading technicians, tattoo artists, and permanent makeup artists who want to improve their skills or believe they may train better under different instructors, 3D Brows offers a refresher course. This course is designed for students with a basic understanding of microblading who wish to refresh or improve their skills.

3D Brows further offers advanced courses for more experienced students. The 3D Brows Machine Course, a four day course, teaches advanced shading techniques, as well as brow mapping, stencilling, needle choice, needle depth, needle speed, and color theory. It presents the opportunity to work on live models with varying skin types, and observe other students’ work while examining how the models look after their treatment. The course also teaches students how to remove or correct eyebrows. “Here at 3D Brows we think it’s essential to know how to correct not only another technician’s work but also your own,” noted 3D Brows. “A huge part of a business for a permanent makeup artist is corrective work.” Students will be taught how to fix botched procedures, and even remove brows entirely.

The academy offers one-on-one training with Head Instructor Patty Willardsen. “The One-on-One is a full day of training tailored to your needs with just you and Patty. We provide the modes, so that you get a well-rounded, hands-on experience,” said the academy. Those looking for more information on the microblading training offered by 3D Brows may visit their website, or contact Patty Willardsen of 3D Brows Academy.

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About 3D Brows Academy:

At 3D Brows Academy, our mission is to ensure that our students become confident permanent makeup artists. Microblading takes the proper training foundation, along with mentors, motivation, and guidance to help students find their own destiny.

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949 E 12400 S, Draper, UT 84020
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