3D Brows Academy Offers Microblading Career Training

March 14, 2019
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3D Brows Academy, based in Draper, Utah, has announced that they are offering microblading career training. They offer a microblading fundamentals course that combines the various principles of the art to equip students with a solid foundation for building upon in permanent makeup services. Patty Willardsen, founder and head instructor at 3D Brows Academy, conducts the classes on microblading fundamentals. They also offer a 3D Brows Online curriculum.

Patty Willardsen herself explains, “If you plan on becoming a ‘great’ at anything, you’re most likely going to need a good mentor. This especially applies to becoming a permanent makeup artist. Most of our students are referrals from past students. It’s often said that we hold nothing back from our students during our trainings. Students come from all over the world to 3D Brows Academy because of our open door policy. After you have been trained and you get some experience working on clients, it’s likely you’re going to come across a situation or need advice. For this reason, we provide our students with ongoing support with our online student forum community or by phone, email, FaceTime, and in person.”

The 3D Brows Academy day courses are held everyday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and includes lunch. The course includes a five-day hands on training, machine course, microblading refresher course, and one on one training. Additional evening courses are also available and are held from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. In the evening, the shading course and 3D lash lift are taught.

It should be noted that the online training program is an effective educational program for those who are interested in becoming microblade artists or those who are already experienced microbladers but need continued educational support. However, there is no online course that can qualify a person to begin working on clients without getting some hands on experience first. Patty Willardsen says, “We highly recommend all microbladers to attend at least 50 hours of hands on training with an experienced instructor prior to working on their own clients.”

Meanwhile, the 3D Brows Academy website has an FAQ section where those interested can learn how to get certified in microblading and hopefully start offering microblading services. The microblading process basically involves the application of pigments into those sparse areas of the brow by using a microblade to add hair-like strokes where these are needed. The result is that the dimension and shape of brow are enhanced. An important effect is that the enhanced brows highlight the eyes. Microblading is also called by other names such as 3D brows, brow strokes, hair strokes, 6D eyebrows, feather brow, hand tool method, semi permanent makeup, and brow strokes.

At their location in Draper, Utah, they offer various services. These include microblading and 3D lash lift, with skin care services coming soon. Microblading services are provided in which a handtool with tiny needles is used to insert colored pigment shallow into the skin to produce natural looking eyebrow hair strokes particularly in the sparse areas of the brow. The 3D Brow artist takes into account various factors such as the skin tone, hair color, skin type, lifestyle, hair pattern, and medical condition in applying color theory formulas in creating those hair strokes. After the initial procedure, a touch-up procedure is recommended six to eight weeks later. After that, the effect is expected to last for two years. However, it is recommended that clients come for yearly touch-ups. Meanwhile, the 3D lash lift is a process used to lift the lash from the base of the eyelid for the purpose of spreading each individual lash apart so that the lashes appear longer and thicker.

3D Brows has gained an international reputation of being one of the best facilities throughout the world in providing microblading or eyebrow permanent makeup. Both students and clients come from various parts of the globe to see 3D Brows founder Patty Willardsen. They were the first to provide microblading services in Utah and Patty Willardsen became known nationally as “3D Brows” because she is able to create natural looking hair strokes for the eyebrows.

Those interested in knowing more about the eyebrow microblading classes offered by 3D Brows Academy can visit their website or contact them by phone or by email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About 3D Brows Academy:

At 3D Brows Academy, our mission is to ensure that our students become confident permanent makeup artists. Microblading takes the proper training foundation, along with mentors, motivation, and guidance to help students find their own destiny.

Contact 3D Brows Academy:

Patty Willardsen
949 E 12400 S, Draper, UT 84020
(877) 332-7691

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