Commercial Locksmith Protects Properties In Minneapolis

February 14, 2019
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Fast Eddy’s Keys Express is a Minneapolis-based company with over 30 years locksmith experience that provides locksmithing services. The service is considered the “go to” locksmith service for many individuals and organisations in Minneapolis.

Fast Eddy’s’ origins can be traced back to 1985 when the owner, Edward ‘Fast Eddy’ Mann was introduced to lockpicking by a friend who wished to get into the locksmith business. “A very good friend of mine Rob Springborg, was getting into locksmithing as a trade. He showed me that he could pick a lock open. Then he gave me the tools and asked me to try it! I think he was trying to prove to me it wasn’t as easy as he displayed. So you can imagine the look on his face when I picked the lock open in three seconds,” said Mann.

This led to Mann being introduced to the son of a locksmith that was trying to establish himself as a locksmith as well. “I joined forces with Scott,” said Mann, “and soon discovered that I easily caught on to the skills required to be a first rate locksmith, and had a knack of working with customers.” By 1991, Mann had started his own locksmith service, and after a 1993 newspaper article written by the then popular Johnny Gilbert came out, ‘Fast Eddy’ become one of the most popular locksmiths in Minneapolis overnight.

“I found myself in a mad dash after that little twist of fate! He wrote this great story about Fast Eddy! So I had to quickly change my company name to Fast Eddys Keys Express. The calls were flying in left and right,” Mann stated. The company has since become a mobile locksmith service run by Mann himself. “So now I run a mobile locksmith service. I come to you,” stated Mann.

The Minneapolis locksmith has worked with the police to break into homes and buildings, as well as assisting banks with foreclosures.

“A qualified Minneapolis locksmith can make sure your offices are well-protected,” said Mann. “Fast Eddy’s Keys Express can prevent unauthorized entry, and install access control systems so that you know who is entering your building and when. I can customize any system to suit your needs perfectly.”

The company provides keycard and keypad installation. “Some businesses need different levels of security for different employees.” Fast Eddy’s keycard and keypad systems work to keep certain employees out of areas that they should not have access to, while also giving those that actually are authorised to enter quick and easy access. Fast Eddy’s also supplies advanced biometric security systems. Mann says, “If you need a high level of security, I also install biometric systems which can identify your employees by analyzing their fingerprints, eyes, signatures, or even their walk!”

Safety is a major concern for the company and so their emergency exit doors are equipped with panic bars that allow the doors to be opened easily from the inside when a panicked crowd presses against them. They make access from the outside very difficult but make it extremely easy for those attempting a speedy egress to open them from the inside.

“No one beats my quality, price, or my customer service in the Minneapolis MN area, and I’m proud of that,” said Mann. “My entire Commercial Locksmith staff is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. You can trust that the people you let onto your property are doing the best, most honest, well-priced job possible. There’s no trickery or low-balled estimates that skyrocket later.”

Fast Eddy’s Keys Express prides itself on being a commercial locksmith with a security focus. Fast Eddy noted that they, “update and install door closers of all sizes. We even offer keyless entry locks and high security key systems that can’t be duplicated by employees.” Master key systems to control and organise who can and cannot enter any office or storage rooms are also on offer.

Fast Eddy ensures that he remains up to date on the latest developments in lock security. “A commercial locksmith’s day often includes installing high end locks, repairing existing locks, providing lockout services on offices and storerooms, and staying educated on security technology with UL Listed door hardware. Their training doesn’t end the second they become a locksmith,” clarified Mann. “They receive updates and training to stay knowledgeable on the latest advancements in door locking hardware.” Commercial locksmiths are able to install both indoor and outdoor locking systems and master the components of a keyless locking system. “The locks and keys of a security system on a commercial building can change constantly as employees and contractors are being fired or hired,” and Mann’s specialist company is available to meet the demands of such an arrangement.

Mann is on call to handle emergency situations like allowing employees who have, in some way, locked themselves out gain entry. The locksmith considers himself accountable for any actions he carries out and thus makes it a point to identify properly who has the authority to request any lock security changes. Fast Eddy can make duplicates of keys for any kind of lock, and can unlock locked filing cabinets or safes. Fast Eddy’s Keys Express essentially offers an all-round, reliable locksmith service.

Those looking for experienced locksmith services may contact Edward Mann of Fast Eddy’s Keys Express, or visit their website for more details.

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Protect your home, family and possessions with strong and attractive locks and door hardware. Fast Eddys Keys Express has received over 200 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp! and Facebook attesting to their superior service and pricing.

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