Leading Locksmith Launches Video Series To Help Minneapolis Residents And Businesses Stay Protected

October 23, 2019
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Fast Eddys Keys Express, a leading locksmith service based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently published a new video service series on the topic of locksmiths. The series aims to help people in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs understand how they can better protect their residences, commercial properties, and vehicles through the use of trustworthy locksmith services. The company also provides emergency locksmith services throughout Minneapolis, St Louis Park, Edina, Richfield, Bloomington, Golden Valley, Uptown, and the University of Minnesota.

Edward Mann, the owner who founded the firm in 1985, stated, “We will do our best for anyone who is in an emergency; we offer the only true emergency locksmith service in the Minneapolis area. We always advise anyone who has lost their keys to get them changed as soon as possible. For those who need to trust others with their keys for remodeling, cleaning, or house sitting, we recommend that they replace their standard locks with high security products by Schlage Primus, which will prevent duplication without express permission. As unauthorized entry through a locked door is most commonly carried out by means of a duplicate key, this just makes sense.”

Fast Eddys Keys Express is one of the highest ranking locksmiths in the area, as rated by their customers. This reputation for excellence is built on their ability to help protect homes, businesses, and families with strong, attractive locks and door hardware. Fast Eddys Keys Express has been in business for over 40 years—a testament to their reliability. They will be continuing their series of locksmith videos, so all viewers are encouraged to subscribe to their channel to stay up to date with their news.

Mann highlighted, “With the holiday season starting soon, any homeowner or commercial property who has had work done over the summer or who has stocked up for winter for the end of the year may want to give us a call if they have any concerns. Those who tuck presents away ahead of the holiday season may also want to rethink how they secure their home in the meantime.”

Fast Eddys Keys Express has helped many families in the aftermath of home invasions. They understand how traumatic it can be to feel unsafe at home. Mann started the firm with one goal (which has become a lifelong passion): to help stop the anarchy and the damage caused to lives, homes, and businesses with real locksmith skills. Their goal is to help keep anyone who wants to break in and take what doesn’t belong to them locked out. Their customers agree that they deserve top marks for their service in this regard; they have received hundreds of reviews across many popular customer review sites.

For instance, Steve Cornish states, “Eddy was very quick to respond to my online request. His website stated that service would arrive in 50 minutes—it was less than that.” Steve gave Fast Eddys Keys Express top marks in his Google review for the assistance they provided regarding a disagreement over car key replacement. In his review, he stated, “I had lost the only key to my car and got two replacements from a dealer. They keys didn't work, and the dealer wanted me to have the car towed to them (40 miles away) so that they could pull the codes. Rather than doing that, I contacted Eddy and we originally arranged for him to come to my car to program the replacement keys that I had been given by the dealer. During the conversation, it became apparent that the dealer had given me the wrong keys. Eddy easily could have charged me to come out, cut and program new keys that would work, but he identified the issue and told me to return to the dealer to get them to give me the correct keys. He didn't need to do that and easily could have taken advantage of my situation. This was very much appreciated, and I value his honesty and professionalism!”

Fast Eddys Keys Express provides cost effective locksmith measures, including secure door locks. They also recommend rekeying locks to help prevent break-ins or, at the very least, slow them down. Fast Eddys Keys Express can also help those who have just moved into their dream home. Doug Cerny, for instance, gave them top marks on Google, saying, “Eddy was extremely friendly, providing many recommendations that allowed the new home we purchased to retain its historic aesthetic with the doors, while providing modern functionality and security! His team was extremely quick and great from a price standpoint. I have saved them in my contacts as I will definitely be using them again!”

Mann concluded, “We love to get feedback from everyone we help, and we trust that they will speak to me first if there is a problem. Moving into a new home is a good time to get the locks changed. Regardless, please take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your family. If you have lost your keys or had them stolen, time is of the essence as the window of opportunity to change them is often within the first 48 hours.”

Those who need a locksmith are urged to contact the firm through their website, where they can speak or text with a customer representative in person. Those interested are invited to follow the company on their preferred social media platforms as well. Fast Eddys Keys Express is active on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Four Square, and so on. Find more information here: Locksmith Near Me.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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