Fast Eddys Keys Express Offers Master Key System

August 28, 2019
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Fast Eddys Keys Express, a locksmith service based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has announced that they are offering a master key system, which provides a way to secure a home or business with several doors and locks. In the master key system, it is possible for people who are authorized to access several doors to each have just one key.

A master system offers several benefits. These include: the provision of security with as few keys as possible; ease of use because only one key is required to open all relevant doors; simplified organization; possibility of defining exactly who has access to certain areas; and the possibility of having all cylinder locks and types to be locked with just one key.

For an office building used by two companies, a master key system will be composed of a number of keys. The general master key is capable of locking and opening all doors in the buildings. This may be the key that is held by the security guards and those who are authorized to access all parts of the building.

For the first company, they will have a master key that locks and opens all doors that are used by that company. This may be the key that is held by a senior manager of the company. There will be one special master key that one group of employees will be authorized to have. For instance, this key will be used to access the main entrance for the building, and the primary entrance for the company’s office space, and the general staff areas. Another special key can be created that will access a different group of doors. The same thing will be provided for the second company, where they have access to specific areas for their own specific office area. Customers will get full spreadsheets indicating the information on the identity of the keys. These are often used for office buildings and apartment buildings.

Another way to provide security for several doors without needing a large number of keys are the keyless entry system. Eddy Mann explains that keyless entry systems have been gaining in popularity because they are convenient, safe and durable. Many models of such systems have even been found to be better than the safest of the traditional locks. They are so durable that they can last for a lifetime and many do not require batteries.

One important advantage of the keyless entry system over the traditional mechanical lock is that while the mechanical key can be lost, the password protected key will always protect the home or business as long as the password is modified regularly. Some of the more advanced models will even allow the user to program different passwords with different authority levels, so that only certain individuals can gain entry into certain areas.

Another important advantage of the keyless system is that having a new set of keys when there is a change in employees is less costly because there would be no need to create new sets of keys or change the locks, particularly if a key employee has resigned.

Fast Eddys Keys Express is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing such services for more than 30 years. Edward Mann founded the business in 1991 but he was not yet called Fast Eddy at that time. It was Johnny Gilbert, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, who had locked his keys inside his car and Eddy was able to unlock it so fast, and was so amazed that he started calling him “Fast Eddy”. Johnny, being a columnist, spread the news regarding Fast Eddy’s ability, which helped gain a substantial increase in his number of customers. That was when he decided to change his business’ name to Fast Eddys Keys Express.

People who would like to know more about the residential or commercial locksmith services provided by Fast Eddys Keys Express can visit his website or contact him by phone or through email. Business hours are from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.

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