Best-selling Author Releases Video On How To Choose A Children’s Book

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Dr Qooz, an Atoka, Oklahoma-based author of books for young children, has recently released a new video detailing tips for parents who are looking to pick up a book for their children to read. Dr. Qooz, the pen name of Derrill Fussell, says that a number of factors should go into the choice.

"All parents have the choice to choose from 233,040,800 children's books sold, of which 40,800 books are new books, published this year," Fussell says. "Our National treasure is our children's imagination. Our future and heritage is manifested by children. Parents should cultivate their imagination with parental encouragement, starting with stellar children's books. As a father, grandfather, and great grandfather, I've traveled the world and I've learned the importance of children. At the end of the day, they're people too, and deserved to be loved and nurtured through reading. Your life will be influenced by the people you meet and the books you read."

Fussell says that the biggest dilemma for parents looking to help form young minds is finding a book that will help them become properly nurtured children that grow up to be responsible adults. To this end, the author has created a YouTube video meant to assist parents in their search. "There are thousands and thousands of titles out there on the market, and children's books are thriving," Fussell says. "So I made a simple video to help parents figure out how select a children's book and break down what they should be looking for."

First, Fussell says, parents should see if the book is a best seller. "This is the number one tip for parents looking for a new book for their kids. Obviously any book that's made to the top of the list is very popular for a reason." He mentions that of the 233,040,800 books for children sold every year, only 71 will make it to the top of best-seller lists and that on average, these books stay at #1 for 5 days. He notes that there are five lists that are the best indicators of how a book is selling: Amazon, Publisher's Weekly, USA Today, IndieBound, and the New York Times. In order to get on these lists, Fussell says, books must sell at least 1000 copies, usually in the first week, and receive a nominal amount of 5-star reviews.

Parents should also see if the author has a way for parents to see the book for free, or be able to watch a free video. "It's understandable that many parents may not have the time to go to a bookstore to peruse books on their own," Fussell says. "By being able to look at a book before you buy, you can find out if there are any lessons that the book teaches. Being able to preview the book online will give you a better idea of whether or not a book is appropriate for your kids."

Researching the author is also an important part of the process, according to Fussell. He says that trust is important for parents in choosing a book. "Do some searching to find out if the author has an online presence. Every author should have a website, some kind of social media presence like Facebook and Twitter, and can be easily found using a Google search. If their online presence is positive, most likely they have a lot of followers."

As part of the proper way of how to choose a children's book, parents need to find a book that stirs a child's imagination. "A book that allows children to let their imaginations run wild will boost their creativity and create a bond with parents," Fussell says. "If they go on an adventure with you while you read to them, you'll create memories for a lifetime."

The book should be child approved, according to Fussell. "You can tell that a child wants to read a book again when they impersonate characters, create voices and stories about them, and tell you that they want to read the book again," he says. "If they've fallen in love with the book's video and want to watch it over and over again, then you know you've got a winner of a children's book."

As Dr. Qooz, Fussell is an international best-selling author of books for children written to be stepping stones for children's first interactions. His latest book is titled "Who Are You?" which introduces children to the Land of Fargone, home of Gerri the Giraffe. More information about Dr. Qooz and his books can be found at his website. The author also provides updates on Facebook and Twitter.

To make the choice of children’s book easier, there are only about 6 children’s book best sellers a month (71 a year). For the convenience of parents, Fussell has created a List of these Best Sellers that is updated every month.

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