How To Choose A Positive Children’s Book For A Early Learning Child

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Atoka, Oklahoma — This is a question asked by all good parents when trying to help their children learn to love books and reading. According to Publishers Weekly, there are 42,000 new children’s books published each year, so the parent’s dilemma is to find good children’s books and which books should be avoided has been solved.

Dr. Qooz, (pronounced, plural of Q,) International Children’s Book author, debuts his fourth book that answers parent’s and teacher’s questions of how to make quality book selections for their children and students.

This children’s book author is the creator of the Fargone Series, that starts with the book, "Who Are You?", an animal class of the NoWay jungle that receives a new classmate from the distant land of Fargone. The first day of school meters out some teasing, bullying, and eventually the common thread of friendship.

The continuation of the Fargone Saga has the inquisitive class questioning Gerri on how he arrived in their jungle if there are no roads, no airport, no boats or trains that can easily bring outsiders to the jungle community. The next book, "Where Are We?", answers this question with a class field trip that takes the band of animals on a time travel adventure to a real destination that is fueled with the children’s imagination and participation.

Dr. Qooz’s latest book, From Tree to Twelve, From Noses to Toes-es, is a counting book for new schoolers. This unique approach to counting encourages the child to identify with common items, visualize the number and combine the objects with primary math principles. Dr. Qooz gives this e-book to everyone March 31st & April 1st

The fourth book by the author is for adults. The topic works for every parent, grandparent and gift-giver of books. How to Choose a Children’s Book in 3 ½ minutes from the selection of 233,000,000 children’s books sold each year…

Dr. Qooz will be reading at the Atoka, Oklahoma elementary school March 28, 2019 for the 2nd grade class of 57 students. Each child will receive a free bookmark.

Dr. Qooz is happy to send any grade school teacher free bookmarks (2”X6”) for each child in their reading class. Please contact Dr. Qooz, (Derrill Fussell) at 580 367 0107 or

Discover the reason Dr. Qooz’ children’s books are wholesome and entertaining. View the 2 minute video of From Tree to Twelve, From Noses to Toes-es available on YouTube:

The next book will continue the Journey to Fargone with the same characters from the Fargone series and will feature Tode the Near Sighted Turtle.

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