Assisting Hands Houston Says Home Health Care For Elders Has Many Benefits

September 24, 2018
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Assisting Hands Houston, an assisted-living service in Humble, Texas, focusing on in-home health care, has recently discussed with its customers the differences between at-home healthcare versus standard elder care. With many years of experience of caregiving for seniors, Assisting Hands says that home health care carries many more personalized options for elders who want to maintain their independence while still getting the help they need.

Terri Robbins of Assisting Hands Houston said, "When an elderly loved one gets to the point of going into any kind of assisted living, whether it's at-home or in a facility, it's a tough decision, and so many factors go into it. But for many seniors, they're still able to remain independent enough to live on their own, and maybe just need help for a few things. That's why we recommend a home health care plan, tailored specifically towards your loved one's needs, and not leaving them at a facility where you have no idea what their day is like."

Robbins says that individualized care is the biggest reason families choose at home health care for their loved ones. Assisted living service providers like Assisting Hands use highly-trained caregivers who not only know CPR and first aid, but also keep their training fresh in case of emergencies. Because typically a single caregiver is in the home, they become a trusted part of the family. That connection, Robbins says, offers peace of mind that families do not get at a facility.

"There are quite a number of things that seem like they are easy to keep track of, but they can add up," Robbins states. "Medication notifications, having a plan in case an elderly person falls, transportation to appointments, preventing hospitalization -- add these to already having to worry about bathing, house chores, and meal preparation, and the list can get unruly. Our in home healthcare Houston caregivers are professionally trained to help take these tasks off your plate and treat your loved one with compassion."

Providing companionship is another big reason why many families choose home healthcare instead of a facility. Families with elderly loved ones have their own family tasks they have to take care of on top of caring for their loved one, and Robbins says that many seniors get lonely living by themselves, even if family members come to visit them on a regular basis. "Our caregivers know exactly what your loved one needs. They will go on walks, help with chores, go with the elderly in their recreational activities, or even just have a nice chat with them," Robbins says. "From the moment they get up in the morning until they go to sleep, we make sure that your loved ones never have to feel alone in the home. Of course, they can still have their independence on top of it."

Assisting Hands was founded by Dr. Gail Silverstein, who after 25 years of coordinating health care programs in both the public and private sectors, realized there was a serious problem in trying to find assistance for her own father. She launched Assisting Hands in order to fill that gap and provide compassionate, individualized at-home health care and support in their home.

Along with elder care Houston residents already named number one in Houston for senior care, Assisting Hands also provides assistance to those recovering from injury, surgery, and post-pregnancy issues. "The elderly aren't the only ones that may need help around the house or assistance with medical recovery," Robbins says. "Many families may need the assistance of our caregivers, even if it's just until your loved one makes a full recovery. We work with you to tailor a schedule around you and your loved one's needs."

The assisted living company not only receives raves reviews from their clients, but also the caregivers that work for them. On Facebook, Tasha D. says about working for Assisting Hands, "Working with Assisting Hands has been such a blessing. I have 3 favorite clients. Spending time with them every day brightens my whole world. The staff makes me feel like family. They truly care about our clients as well as our care givers. If I could rate this company a 10 I would."

Families with loved ones who need assistance, whether they need at-home elder care or are recovering from a hospital stay in their home, are encouraged to visit the Assisting Hands website for more information. The site includes a full list of services they provide, a blog that provides tips on assisted living for families, and a form to book an appointment for a free consultation.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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