Men are Once Again Being Advised to Consider Having a PSA Blood to Screen for Prostate Cancer

May 14, 2018
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Manattan Beach, California (Press Advantage) May 14, 2018: Manhattan Beach-based Cancer Journeys Foundation today announced that it fully supports the recent recommendation by the United States Protective Services Task Force (U.S. PSTF) that men aged 55-69 be offered a prostate specific antigen test to screen for prostate cancer. This announcement reverses the Task Force’s 2012 recommendation that men avoid the PSA test because the level of harm done to men who were treated outweighed the number of lives saved. The Task Force changed its decision based on the review of new research available since 2012.

Manhattan Beach resident and Cancer Journeys Foundation President Robert Hess is a 15-year prostate cancer survivor. He developed a prostate cancer early detection system - ProstateTrackerApp – in 2010 to give men a simple, free tool for determining their prostate cancer risk and finding their prostate early when the cancer is still treatable.

Said Hess, “Prostate cancer claims the lives of almost 28,000 American men every year because these men don’t know they have the disease in time for effective treatment. The USPSTF’s decision to once again recommend PSA testing is a step forward in reducing the annual death toll from prostate cancer.” “It's important for men to understand that if they are diagnosed with prostate cancer they don't need to rush to treatment. There there are multiple treatment options and, in fact, many men will be able to avoid any immediate treatment and follow a program of active surveillance. However, it's important to understand that the earlier men find their prostate cancer, the more treatment options they have available, which is why screening and early detection are critically important.”

Cancer Journeys Foundation CEO Robert Hess taking a PSA blood test

The Cancer Journeys Foundation has created an annual trans-US road rally, the Tour de USA®, to drive home the importance of screening. The mission of the inaugural 2018 Tour de USA® is to make certain men know about the prostate cancer risk and their early detection and treatment options.

The 2018 Tour de USA® begins on August 15, 2018 and ends back in Los Angeles on September 19th, after 36 days and 9,341 miles on the road, right in the middle of National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The Tour will be carrying a GPS tracker, compliments of Globalstar, so people all across the US will be able to follow The Tour and even drive a segment with The Tour as it comes through their state. Event details are available on the Tour de USA® website at https://TourdeUSA.Events.

“We’re really excited about the Tour de USA®,” said Hess. “We’re going for a world record for the longest charity automobile road rally at the same time we’ll be reaching half of the US population with the prostate cancer awareness message. Thanks to Livestream’s CEO Mark Kornfilt, we have a Mevo camera system that will let us do real-time live stream events of our prostate cancer awareness message all across the US. The Mevo is a not only a great system, it’s very compact, which is really important since I'll be driving my Mazda MX-5 Miata rally car where space is pretty limited.”

About the Cancer Journeys Foundation

The Cancer Journeys Foundation provides a comprehensive digital information center for cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers. The Foundation also operates the only global prostate cancer early detection system at on the Internet. ProstateTracker is free to everyone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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