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April 13, 2018
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WELLINGTON, NZ 13th Apr 2018: Many businesses solve a problem but find it difficult to easily explain how they solve that issue. The closest most get using the word “solutions” in their name or tag-line. That doesn’t actually tell people the solution, nor does it help them stand out. One way is for companies to use a video to demonstrate the problem and solution. It is a style called an “explainer” video. It is a “clunky” name but it does exactly what it says: it explains a solution or how to solve a problem.

Many videos are a direct promotional or advertisement style actively promoting an offer. An explainer video is a “soft-sell” approach. Many companies, do not either want to, nor is it appropriate, to sell overtly. A business can provide value and education to its audience rather than simply trying to sell. For example, an insurance agent might want to show the problems and risks of not having business interruption insurance. In an explainer video, they can show the problem, explain the risks, and then present their solution.

A new explainer video production service has now been launched in Wellington, New Zealand, by GIG Internet Marketing. Andrew Haddleton, the owner of GIG, said, “Lots of companies, and even more potential customers, do not like a hard-sell approach. By using an explainer video, a company can give value to their market by talking about a specific problem and their solution to that issue.”

Andrew gave a examples of companies that can use this style of video. He said, “If a company provides a complex service such as mortgages, insurance products, or consulting services, they can make their offer much easier for people to understand by explaining each of their services.”

He added, “Many companies complicate things by offering too many solutions at one time believing that shows lots of expertise. Instead choosing one topic per video makes it easier to grasp. A mortgage broker, might talk about fixed-rate mortgages in one video, and refinancing in another.”

Explainer videos can be used on a company’s website, in their social media, newsletters, and on YouTube. Video increases visitor engagement, and creates better understanding for the product.

Demand for online video is rising significantly from B2C and B2B customers with over 2/3 of people looking at online videos before they contact potential suppliers. For more information on Wellington explainer video production service for business, contact Andrew at Online Videos.


GIG Internet Marketing works with businesses that want to grow. Over 25 years marketing experience in B2B, and B2C, plus 19 years marketing online. Online video marketing for whiteboard, animated explainer, branding, and ecommerce videos.

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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