New Wellington Animated Cartoon Video Marketing Service

March 09, 2018
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Until now, creating animated cartoon videos has been difficult, time-consuming, and also somewhat expensive putting them out of reach of most small businesses. Video agencies have had to employ specialist artists to draw the different scenes, and then create a video from all of those drawings before extensive final editing and production. Wellington-based GIG Internet Marketing has launched a new video production service which uses templated animated cartoon videos to help small- and medium-sized businesses take advantage of the growing demand for online videos.

GIG owner, Andrew Haddleton said, “We aim to overcome the traditional production problems and the cost by using templated animated cartoon scenes. These animated templates can be edited and customised to explain the client’s message. By using templates, the production time is reduced since there is no origination required. That in turn lowers the overall video creation cost.” He went on to say that despite using templates, this does not limit companies’ abilities to look different in their market. “There are sufficient customising options to make each company’s videos look unique.” He also said that animated cartoons are effective for businesses because they can present a product or service in a way that viewers find easy to understand. He referenced the enduring success of animated cartoons from the likes of Disney and The Simpsons as a medium that people enjoy and engage with.

Another problem that companies face is that over two-thirds of videos are viewed with the sound turned off. This is especially true if people are watching on a mobile device since they do not want to disturb people around them. Traditional videos rely on a voice-over to explain the message in the video. Animated cartoons, especially when there is text on each scene, is one way of overcoming this problem since viewers can easily see the story that is being told.

The demand for online video rising from both consumers and B2B purchasers with up to 70% of people looking at video content before they make a buying decision. For more information on Wellington animated cartoon video marketing for one's business, contact Andrew at Online Videos.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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