Visionocity Magazine Features Van Mylar To Discuss Fundraising For Nonprofit Organizations

January 10, 2018
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Visionocity Magazine, an internationally ranked online business magazine headquartered in Houston, TX, recently featured Van Mylar, from Atlanta, GA, on the cover of the expert edition, v 23, specifically for organizations within the nonprofit sector. Mylar, as shown on his LinkedIn profile, is fervent about working with nonprofit organizations to advance their voice and raise funds, while transforming lives through the organizations mission.

"Van Mylar is passionate about helping nonprofit organizations create an impact in the marketplace," says Lucy Hoger, founder of Visionocity Magazine. "Nonprofits struggle in knowing how to measure the impact of their organization along with how to measure what matters most in their marketing campaigns."

Nonprofit organizations usually have a clearly defined vision and mission. The struggle, however, often comes from not having a clear and thorough understanding of how media today works together while using many of the different cross media channels available. Today’s media space can be overwhelming and fragmented media. The result often being nonprofit organizations find it difficult to really capture the attention of prospective donors, and as importantly, keep their donors long term as well.

In addition to being featured on the cover, Van Mylar's article, which can be read in the magazine, speaks passionately about the 3 I’s that are needed in today's marketplace. The 3 I’s being Insights, Ideas, and Identification in every media plan.

Mylar himself says: "We are in the middle of the digital age. Your constituents need, crave and want engagement with your organization. Your marketing strategies must meet their expectations. Your constituents must be moved by your mission, touched by the transformations, and feel as if they are part of something bigger. Being able to do so by reaching for their handheld device that is never more than 1 ft away."

Van Mylar began his career with CBN Family Channel in marketing and media research, planning and buying. Over the years, he has held various senior executive positions with many of the well-known nonprofits in today’s market. He is passionate about keeping nonprofit organizations relevant in today’s marketplace while providing insight on the next generation of fundraising media solutions.

Further, in this edition of Visionocity magazine, Mylar provides an example of what could be considered 1-click fundraising and it being today's pathway to successful nonprofit. In addition, the other articles within the magazine discuss topics such as; understanding why people donate to charities, specifically how to decode generosity’s DNA, further details about the advantages of addressable TV, key guidelines to gaining audience attention when creating video content, and maximizing inbound call response.

Van Mylar discusses Today's Pathway to Successful Nonprofit

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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