Visionocity Magazine Releases Expert Edition Serving Nonprofit Fundraising

January 11, 2018
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Visionocity Magazine, based in Houston, TX, is an internationally ranked magazine on the Apple and Android newsstands. Visionocity has announced that the latest edition, v23, is completely dedicated to the discussion of fundraising for the nonprofit sector. With countless nonprofit organizations having noteworthy missions and causes, it’s clear the nonprofit sector, along with many other sectors, struggle to find their way and navigate through today's modern world of media.

Lucy Hoger, founder and editor of Visionocity Magazine, says: "Nonprofits are challenged in knowing how best to measure the impact of their organization, and measure what matters most within their communities. They understand their mission, but in today's world of fragmented media, they skirmish in capturing and keeping the attention of donors. We at Visionocity wanted to provide a solid resource for organizations looking for cutting edge solutions as they move into 2018, believe by dedicating a complete edition of the magazine to this topic it will provide value to many nonprofit organizations."

Readers will find that the gap in the marketplace has truly been closed. Having articles written with valuable content from top executives in the nonprofit sector, for example Van Mylar, Vice President Client Strategy and Development, at Vision40 Media and Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer at NextAfter. This edition of Visionocity addresses the five key issues faced by nonprofits, providing information for every organization to be able to implement into their nonprofit organization.

Whether on Android or Apple, nonprofit organizations can download the magazine and can access the information provided on how to improve their overall market reach and how to engage in today's market with their ideal donor. Apple users can download here, and Android users can download here.

Visionocity is a completely free digital magazine to subscribers, but one that has a tremendous impact. They regularly have contributors from a range of important sources, sharing knowledge and information that is destined to make people more successful. Lucy Hoger adds: "Visionocity has featured many of the greatest business minds from around the world, with articles from Forbes' 30 Under 30, Inc.'s top contributors, top corporate and entrepreneurial advisors and others. Want to learn from these guys? Then Visionocity is for you."

The magazine's editor herself, as shown on the Visionocity website, Lucy Hoger, is a woman with an impressive background. Indeed, she has written numerous #1 International bestselling books herself, helping to inspire people and drive them towards results. In the latest edition of the magazine, the goal is to inspire and provide nonprofits with that drive and determination to become more successful in today's digital world, dealing with all platforms of media and marketing.

Lucy Hoger, Founder and Editor of Visionocity Magazine

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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