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Leonardo Schwartz Gives A Speech To Freelancers and Entrepreneurs At The Payoneer Forum Event

June 23, 2015
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Leonardo Schwartz, a nationally recognized business development expert, gave a speech to entrepreneurs and freelancers in Argentina at the Payoneer Forum Event. The event took place May 28th in Mendoza, Argentina, and was held in Spanish. His speech, titled "Global Ideas For A Global World", reached out to those who were interested in learning more about internet marketing and the online connections that businesses can make with their customers all over the world. This is meant to encourage entrepreneurs and small business owners to build a sustainable business without all of the high costs that are sometimes associated with this. The event officials had the following to say about the success it had among locals:

"Our Brand Ambassador, Diego Glatzel, recently hosted the Payoneer Forum in Mendoza, where over 150 people gathered together to learn more about topics such as online business expansion, freelancing and various marketing tools. It was a great opportunity for networking!"

During the coaching and speech, Mr. Schwartz is said to have taught those in the audience about his personal approach to building high end digital products, as well as his approach to building a successful brand. This was explained in step by step detail and used examples from Amazon FBA, and various other online retail outlets which are open to the public.

Along with this step by step approach to a better brand and business, he reportedly presented new statistics which showed up to date information on the projected growth of the e-commerce industry across the globe, including those statistics involved in internet penetration and retail sales across the net.

Leonardo Schwartz is recognized nationally as an expert in the field of business development, marketing, and search engine optimization. He is the CEO of the Miami based company SocialAware Marketing, and his work at the Payoneer Forum Mendoza has displayed his obvious experience and knowledge in his field of work. He has said the following regarding his company's approach to putting their clients first:

"I could plainly tell you that we've been able to DOUBLE many of our clients' businesses thanks to the particular way we do marketing and SEO, but I'm pretty sure you don't care. The only thing you care about is YOUR BUSINESS and what we can really do FOR IT."

Leonardo Schwartz's presentation slides at the event have reportedly caused quite a buzz in the local entrepreneur community in Argentina, and he has made it clear that he hopes this buzz will carry clear across the net, as he feels that his method of brand building and search engine optimization can truly help those who are starting out in business. He has stated that his motivation to donate his time being part of this Payoneer Forum Event was to let Argentine entrepreneurs and freelancers know that they can become really successful by doing what they love to do as they use all the tools that digital marketing makes available.

Videos, photographs, and comments from the Payoneer Forum Event can be seen on the event's Facebook account, and Leonardo Schwartz invites all those interested in the event and the speech that he gave to check it out.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Leonardo Schwartz:

Leonardo Schwartz is a nationally recognized Business Development Coach and Consultant, Speaker and Growth Hacking and Marketing expert.

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