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Nationally Recognized SEO Expert Leonardo Schwartz Reveals What Real SEO Actually Means

June 18, 2015
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Leonardo Schwartz, who is a nationally recognized SEO and marketing expert, has announced that business owners need to know what real SEO actually means, and he would like to reveal this to the public. He said that too many businesses have fallen victim to services that have provided cheap but dangerous SEO tactics, and if a business truly wants to succeed, and maintain that success, they need to approach SEO the right way.

In the last few years, Google has made major algorithm updates that has punished a large number of businesses for implementing certain tactics to try and beat the system so that they can rank higher in the search results. In many of these cases, website owners were not even aware that they had done something wrong. The reason for this is because they hired SEO services to manage search engine optimization campaigns for them, and were completely under the impression that these companies were providing an honest, up-to-date service that followed all the rules that Google has laid out to ensure they don't get penalized, suspended or banned from their search indexes.

Leonardo Schwartz said that people need to understand what bad search engine optimization is in order to have a good understanding of what real SEO actually means. He goes on to explain that link building, for the sole purpose of gaining link juice, is a bad SEO practice, because Google sees this as an attempt to knowingly game the system. He stated that what it basically comes down to this: any form of search engine optimization that is solely focused on gaming the system to rank high on search engines is a bad practice, and in most cases, can have a huge negative impact on a website in the short and long-term. He made the following explanation to spell out what real SEO should be:

"Real SEO is above and beyond anything else real marketing and it's composed of a number of marketing campaigns carefully designed and carried out in concordance with a sound marketing plan. And real marketing will never be a one-size-fit-all kind of solution. Real SEOs will require you to open up the doors of your business and share some specific business data with them. They need to know your business well in order to be able to do a really good job."

Leonardo Schwartz says that what people really need to focus on is how to improve their ROI, and to do this, they need to create high quality marketing campaigns that are continuously tested and nurtured until they produce the right results. He added that this can only be possible when businesses implement the right efforts in every part of that campaign. In addition, this approach is also excellent for brand awareness and will most likely make that business an authority within their industry. Here are his comments on ROI:

"Real SEO can actually provide you with the healthiest ROI you'll find among all marketing techniques and strategies at your disposal. And not just any kind of ROI but the kind of ROI a business intended to grow and further expand for years and decades to come really ask for: mid-to-long term ROI."

Those who would like to find out more about Leonardo Schwartz's approach to search engine optimization are encouraged to contact Leonardo Schwartz through LinkedIN:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Leonardo Schwartz:

Leonardo Schwartz is a nationally recognized Business Development Coach and Consultant, Speaker and Growth Hacking and Marketing expert.

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Leonardo Schwartz
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June 18, 2015Nationally Recognized SEO Expert Leonardo Schwartz Reveals What Real SEO Actually Means